The Watcher

Is that a ring around Uranus?

Love the planetscape, contrasting colors are awesome. Reminds me of a Digital Blasphemy wallpaper.

Congrats on the print!

The planets are beautiful! I would love a tutorial video!

Reading today’s write up, I would like to offer up another explanation for the t shirt. Perhaps we have caught a man in a moment of contemplation of his own impending doom.

Maybe the title “The Watcher” symbolizes that though the man has arguably an incredible, beautiful and glorious site before him the moment of beauty is tinged with the knowledge that he is facing his own unavoidable doom and can only “watch” as it happens. Hence the the shirt’s title, “The Watcher.”

In any case, awesome shirt. Glad to see it in print.

Looks like the Watcher is H.P., or maybe H.G.

Cool cosmic marbles…glad to see this place.

Beautiful space scene Omar, Congrats!

What’s with the giant?

Why is there a shooting star in outer space? Shooting stars are chunks of space rock burning up in the atmosphere… unless of course that is a comet. But still I have to wonder what and why is the deal with the clouds that are between the second and third planets? I suppose it is supposed to be a nebula?

The reason I assume the “Comet” is a shooting star is because of the “Clouds”.

It can’t be Uranus because Uranus is blue… I know because I’ve seen it and that one is red.
If Uranus was red And had a ring around it I would definitely recommend seeing a professional.

Love this one!

did I get on the wrong woot mailings? What happened to woot? You still have the jokes, but all I ever see on here are t-shirts.


Does anyone else find the man creepy?

Is that supposed to be The Doctor? Sure seems like it. If so, cool. I’m enjoying the subtlety,so to speak.

Cool … and creepy.

@Woot&DesignSizeDebate: Really? 11" and not 12"? I know you CAN do 12" on the Men’s Small bracket, and 15"->11", while not 15"->9", is still such a drastic reduction, and more than needed.

Grats on the print Omar! Such a great scene full of mystery. I’m kinda digging Blue Jester’s interpretation… No better image of looking back at one’s life than staring at some long-dead stars and planets! :wink:


Beautiful. Appears someone just disembarked from the Ship of the Imagination to stand on the Giant Marble of the Imagination.