The Watchers

I like the space kitties… but where are the pop tarts and bacon?

Love the framing, the colors and the vintage feel/textures. Another one for a future journal cover.

I can’t help seeing a pokeball in this one. The initial thumbnail did it and now I can’t unsee it. So now you all have to see it with me. So there.

Mine, mine, mine, mine, and oh yeah, mine!

Jawas in the early years, before the robes to hide their cat like appearances

same here, is this not supposed to be a pokeball when looked from afar?

I’m too busy being disappointed it’s not a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

Congrats on the print! This was my fav entry for the derby

That eerie light and unshakable sense of being watched takes my back to my first trip to another planet. Congrats on the print, littleclyde, and for staying so true to the derby theme.

I feel like he has landed and is walking in a giant litter box… not sure that was intended though.

Another LC shirt! ::high fives voters::

You know the feeling when a cool recurring character on your favorite show becomes a regular cast member? That.

LOVE this! Takes me right back to my 12-year-old self checking out every Andre Norton in the library!

This is my favorite shirt in ages- I was seriously starting to feel anxiety over WHAT IF IT DOESN’T PRINT?!?!- heh
In other words-

Grats on another win Michelle!

Love it. Who/what is the inspiration? First thought on seeing it was Heinlein.

Congrats on the print, littleclyde! That’s 2 of your shirts I’ve bought in as many weeks. If you keep this up, you’ll put me in the poorhouse…

I thought it was the Cats of Ulthar, just chilling on the moon… looking for zoogs.

Thanks for all the kind comments! Even though this shirt isn’t selling nearly as well as my other recent prints, it’s one of my favorite designs as of late, and I’m so glad it’s finding some love all the same.

Lovely design! Congrats on the print Littleclyde!

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