The way you pack your stuff


I bought one of those 250 gig hard drive last week. I know you said it would be shipped in a plain brown box nor instructions ect…fine! But Jesus Christ the drive was wrapped in just one layer of tiny bubble…bubble wrap…in a box which the drive just slid back and forth in. That inner box was then put in a very loose fitting box with no protection leaving the inner box to slip and slide and crash with every jolt and bump fedex can provide.

You should be ashamed of yourself…MReiman


Oh no, they can’t take that away from me…





After reading this quadruplicate post you put in three forums,

I know just the response!!!


oo, lemme guess, suspension?


And I thought this was going to be an interesting thread…

What a let down.


You have a filthy mind.
Which I appreciate.


Why do you think I use so much bleach?


Dark roots?!?


To get your anus sparkly white?


I’m not blonde, silly…


bleach and iodine?


Hopefully, you’ve seen Snapster’s post in the item’s discussion thread::::