The Weather Channel Emergency Preparedness Kit

saturday nite and THIS is what woot come’s up with… i gotta say… it’s basically perfect… also, check useful linkage for the comparison shopping… i think most will say this isn’t the best woot… and i probably agree… but it’s close.

haha! and keen raccoon survival handout too!

Wow, sure is reassuring to have an emergency supply of crayons…

Why does woot always have weather channel " stuff"? Are these really that popular???

thank the lord this is not a refurb

I’m glad they thought to include a childen’s activity booklet. How could you survive an emergency without it?

Box of crayons, a must in times of emergency, if I need to write im using my own blood, its much more dramatic.

Perhaps Woot! knows something we dont…

Weather forcast for Carrolton, TX
“90% chance of B.O.C.'s” Falling from the sky

is that radio compatible with pc?

very coo!l, this might come in handy some day

What are the crayons for?

Put me in for 1! Sike—c’mon WOOT

wow. this was on midnightbox yesterday! must be hurricane season

I’m in for three. As other sites have just had similar 2 people kits for 20+ USD

Pretty cewl! Twice the price on Amazon:


no road flares no dice

I’m in for one, some usefull stuff in there

If you have kids, trust me THAT is very handy.

Shoot, it aint got no duct tape so how prepared are you really gonna be?