The Wellness Medicine Cabinet

Only $15.73 on Amazon. Has good reviews.

The blue rubber “foot” ball looks prettty similar to a dryer ball…

Awesome, I can’t find dryer balls anywhere!

i’m came here to say just that. i have five of those balls and i got them for a dollar each. i don’t see the difference

If the ear wax remover was strong enough to remove ear wax it would be dangerous. Please don’t stick q tips in your ear. I see punctured ear drums all the time from that.

skip the 15 dollar foot roller and use a golf ball, same therapeutic benefit without the ridiculous price tag. You can freeze it too.

Doesn’t sound very therapeutic to freeze your balls.

I was going to say the same thing–I have those dryer balls.

$15 bucks? way too expensive for what it is.

Definitely agree. I recall a saying from a long time ago: “Never stick anything in your ear larger than your elbow.” Very surprised that Woot is selling this item.

Actually, as someone who has had to have ear wax removed at a doctors office prior to joining the military, they used a combination water spray/vacuum to clean your ear wax out. Leaves you feeling drunk though as it screws with your equilibrium, though I doubt this is as powerful.

For which item? We were looking at the callus remover.

There’s a link. You even quoted it.

Wal-mart. Wife just bought 4 yesterday.

why Woot would sell the same item on Amazon for more (ie. cheaper on Amazon), is very surprising.

I’ve read that you shouldn’t use q-tips. Recently I ran out so I tried going a week without one. After a few days it felt like I had a corn flake in my ear. What eventually fell out looked like a corn flake. Glad it didn’t fall in my date’s dinner plate like last time I ran out.

Heat or Freeze Arch Massager- BK0924

I bought something like this from QVC way back before internet shopping came around. Mine looks a little bigger and the nubs firm. The whole thing is plastic. It is fantastic for my plantar. I’m 48 and have suffered with plantar in one foot for about 18 years. (Had the ball longer). The ball works like acupressure I think. I can tell a difference soon after using it anywhere. I use it on my feet, legs, neck, shoulders and head. If this item is the same function as mine, I can easily recommend it.

Completely useless product. Either I got the wrong item or it was described completely incorrectly. I have plantar fasciitis and was going to use it to break up the formed scar tissue. This is soft like a balloon. There us absolutely zero way that thus can apply any pressure to my arch and cause anything other than a tickle. Complete waste of my $20. I will go back to frozen water bottles

same problem =/