The "We're going to stop making such a fuss about No1" Thread

No 1, we love you, we miss you, the children are crying for you! Please come home!

Looking for No1.

Come back!!! It isn’t the same without you!!!

I checked under the seat cushions, but he’s not there. :frowning:

Did you look under the chairs?

This is a very sweet thread.

Oh where, oh where has no1 gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?

No1 knows.

some1 must know where no1 is.

Yes, wherefore art thou?

I remember the first time No1 sent me a PM. It was nice. I miss him. Especially his little tidbits of personal information he gave us from time to time, like how much he weighed and how tall he was.

I wonder why he’s been gone so long.

Oh, I especially enjoyed seeing all those great pictures of the little1. and that gallery of wedding pictures. his wife is a beautiful woman, no question of that.

After speaking with Every1, that’s what we thought too . . . Every1 was sure that Some1 would know. Any1 could have known, but No1 did in the end. Some1 is now angry because it had been Every1’s job to know. Every1 thought that Any1 could have found out, but Some1 realized that No1 would really know. Ultimately, Every1 was angry at Some1 because No1 didn’t let Any1 know.

I think he did let some1 know.

Come back No1!!!

We’ve lost too many friends already, please come back.

Did anyone check behind the couch.

Sheesh, leave on one measly vacation and you all lose No1

Ya know, I did always envision him as a bit of a roll-on type of guy…

You don’t suppose he’s with Selli, do you? She’s missing, too.