The White Room

White room with black curtains was not lost on me!

Thanks for the smile today, Woot.

Wait, so does the Fairview desk come with a hutch, or no? Because the description includes info on the hutch. And it ships in 2 boxes.

[MOD: Hutch is sold separately. We’ve added a caption to that photo.]

What are these made of? I may have missed it in the description. I am looking at the large room divider.

Really wish I knew what this was made out of and the sheen.

I cannot understand the so-called $250 original list price. Are they made in the USA or something?

Straight from the vendor: These are MDF and the Fairview is a painted look finish

I laughed out loud as well. Thanks WOOT!

sure now I have Clapton playing guitar in my head…

Okay these black curtains are ALMOST 35" wide NOT 37.5." A bit of a problem if you need 37"!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!