The Wil Wheaton Sale

So tempting, although the last random kids item was disastrous.

Interesting how this plus “sale” makes the tshirts more expensive than the catalog sale.

In for one, here’s hoping it’s something good. Can I get a Wil Wheaton action figure in mine?

So the Mystery Box is a variant of Schrödinger’s cat?

I like it!

NO pieces of Wil Wheaton in the Mystery Box? I’m out.

Hoping for something autographed!

AGGGGGG! Just bought a mystery box-

Don’t make me regret it Wesley!!!


There could be anything inside the box! There could even be a boat!

Then why don’t we just–

We’ll take the box!! :open_mouth:

Edit: Few are brave enough to lay claim to more than one box. I can’t say I blame them too much. :stuck_out_tongue: I also only went in for one.

I am such a sucker for mystery boxes, will buy every time. Can’t wait!!

Now this won’t sell out, will it? I’m going to wait until tomorrow if it’s safe…

Judging from the site lag, I’d say the box will probably sell out, sooner than later. If you’re talking about the other items, there’s less of a chance on that.

“best friendship”? Sorry, woot, you’re not listed under his “sites I love” here. Ouch. This is more awkward than when everyone tok a lot of Aunt Betty’s dish because it looked good, but there was still heaps left on everyone’s plate after the meal.

Perhaps this post will shed some light on things…

(Schrödinger it is/isn’t!)

I’m a sucker for things mysterious. And this one has Hwil Hwheaton’s endorsement! You can trust Hwil Hwheaton. Hwil Hwheaton wouldn’t let us down.

I wonder what “printed to order” means

(other than printed to order… that is)

I hope I get one of Wheaton’s mustache combs.

Aww shucks, I missed out on the Mystery Box!