The Wine Check Daytripper Wine Bag

The Wine Check Daytripper Wine Bag - Holds 12-Bottles
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Looks like it will only fit a normal case box, and not shipping foam for 12 bottles. Looks like it might fit a 6 bottle foam insert?

Yeah I’m not finding the daytripper on their website. I probably wouldn’t use this to check wine on a plane without some styrofoam. Can someone from woot please confirm fit?

It does look like there was some discussion during an earlier woot about this but still seems unresolved to me.

6 bottle foam insert fits perfectly, just used it that way on a quick trip to Mexico. I will try putting 12 bottles in the standard interior and see how secure they are, will update.


It is called the Daytripper, so I would imagine it is more for local useage, not for airline use.

But I would want to use styro to keep it cool.

Thanks for the info, and looking forward to your report.

From the listing:

Please Note: This Daytripper bag not approved for Airline use

As noted by other commenters, this product is primarily for local use.

Not sure it was there at the beginning.

I don’t think it was either.
And “wine check” certainly gives the impression that one should be able to check it… “whatevs…”


It is if you put a styro insert in it. Heck a cardboard box is approved for airline travel with the styro inside of it. The point of that statement is that “as is” it is not approved.

12 bottles in the standard interior are protected very well from each other however you have from 1" to 3" depending on bottle from bottle top to bottom of lid cover. The way airlines throw around bags I would not trust unless I can figure a way to secure bottles in the sleeves across top so they do not have movement, the foam six pack worked great on my flight and will continue to use. The 12 setup would be best for either visiting winery’s or car road trip vacation.
I’m glad I bought it and will continue to use in both configurations as needed.