The Wine Check Daytripper Wine Bag

Guess all the old WW wineaux already have these.
If you travel with wine, you want one.

This isn’t the version you want for air travel…

Please Note: This Daytripper bag not approved for Airline use

IIRC from the the discussion another time this was sold, it can hold a styro insert for 6 bottles or a cardboard-shelf shipper for 12, and people were of the opinion that it was ok to check those even w/o the bag, so why not with. But that was just board chatter, not endorsed by the vendor.

Agreed, but I’d hate for someone to try checking it onto a plane “as is”. That could result in major disappointment.

They work just great checking on a plane with a styro 6 pack insert. In my experience anyway. Hell I’ve had styro in cardboard torn up by baggage handlers so yes you never know

With styro 6, just fine. With cardboard 12, no way.

Missed that. Also, don’t see “daytripper” on the linked website.


The Winecheck has been to Japan a couple times now with zero issues.

Daytripper a discontinued model, no longer for sale. Todd has come out and said either originally or after the fact, I forget, that not meant for air travel. But with a styro insert in it, it works just fine. I mean you check a cardboard box through with a styro insert right? Anyway, works fine for me.

I have checked this on airlines with the styro 6 bottle insert and it works great.