The Wine Diaper - 3 Pack

The Wine Diaper - 3 Pack
$6.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Wine Diapers - Random Color

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Whew, I’m safe on this one!

I wonder if we won’t see some Scott Harvey Syrah in some form or another :slight_smile:

And I can probably go to bed since this may sit awhile!

I think I’ll pour me a glass of pinot and watch the hour glass tick down as I watch Dexter.

weekday wine woot-off
will Cesare or I sleep?
time for a quick nap

Will these diapers be lasting till morning?

I’m not sure if these are overnight diapers.

Yea thats gonna take a while…


Hey, can you help us figure out whether the Cosentino The Cab offer appellation was Napa Valley as the label picture shows or California as the description says?

Will a 16-year old still fit in these diapers?

Drats at the woot off. I just spent well over my monthly budget while wine tasting in Paso Robles today.

I already sent an email to WineDavid pointing him to the question in the thread. With luck, he’ll answer tomorrow.

Thank you. Now if you can just make these diapers woot-off absorbant for the next 7 hours, I’ll get a good nights sleep.

what the description fails to mention is, If the bottle breaks am I safe to suck the juice out of the polymer?

I mean in all seriousness, if I’m carrying around my 1945 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam in my suitcase and it takes a whack, you know I’m gonna suck that out of my Armani ties, but is the polymer food safe?

Lordy these diapers look like they’ll last forever eh?


oh poopsca yes!..

at $4 a pop, after shipping, I’ll stick with bubblewrap.

Description includes:

“Easily absorbs a 750ml bottle”

Coincidentally (or not), that’s about how much your full bladder holds…

So to move these along we could point out potential additional uses for these handy little bags…

… like on family car trips when the urge is near emergency and there’s no town in sight…

… just sayin… :wink: