The Wine Diaper Three - Pack

Dear Woot,

I would like to use paypal to complete my purchase. The option does not appear under How are you paying when I click the I want one button wine.woot.

If I go to regular woot the option is there. It’s also under the my account link. I thought it might be my browser, but and it happens in Firefox and IE.

Did I miss we no longer take paypal on wine.woot email or am I just a special snowflake?

I regularly bring back a case or two of wine when I come back from Australia. On the last trip, a bottle broke on me. That’s after wrapping each out in bubble wrap and lining the box w/ additional bubble wrap. It was heartbreaking as I saw the soggy box on the belt and the sweet smell of port suddenly wafted through the baggage claim area…

I think the key here is the absorption, not the breakage.



These things would absorb the wine if it breaks, but they don’t appear to be padded very much. So wouldn’t you then have to wrap them in bubble wrap or something to cushion them? So, uh, what’s the point?

I’ll stick to a sock, ziplock bag, bubble wrap.

On the plus side, the woot price is about half what you would pay from the wine diaper website.

There had been problems with Paypal users being kicked out of the buying part of the process earlier this week, as (I think?) Paypal was discontinued. Check this post for more information. And after that, email if you still have questions.

I would imagine that a chilled bottle in this bag will still produce condensation, which will be absorbed by the diaper. Over time, the diaper might lose effectiveness.

Ah! Someone else uses my super padded bra method of getting items into concerts…works every time :slight_smile:

I use bubble wrap and plastic bags as suggested. It works 95% of the time. I think I have had 2-3 bottles break, but I have shipped hundreds in my luggage.
You can buy wine shipper boxes from most wineries and these count as a piece of luggage. I have never had wine break in these - also ask the nice lady behind the counter to slap a “fragile” sticker on the box or your luggage.
When I look at these they appear only to absorb liquid if the bottle breaks, and not actually protect/pad the bottle.
If you’re lucky you can find a wine shipper which will cost you a pretty penny, but with airlines charging for bags it’s worth it.
I will stick with bubble wrap and Southwest Airlines!

Have you tried the Wine Rack?

We tested the product up to 1.5 Liters.
All liquid is soaked and retained but it is a tight fit for oddly shaped bottles.

It looks like you can’t buy just one Diaper + we put everything together for you in a nice and masculine package.

Will these work with beer and other carbonated beverages like 1l or 1.5l soda bottles?

I usually do the wrap around clothing thing, but returning on my last Germany trip my clothing became one with the Mezzo Mix.

How padded is this?

I’ve used wine skins a lot to transport wine with no breakage so far. Cheaper than bubble wrap in the long run if you don’t seal them

A couple of things:

  • Just like a prisoner under interrogation, also bottles of wine can break under pressure, regardless of the amount of padding you add.

  • Our exclusive padding is no just a diaper, it has the right mix of wood pulp and super absorbent material (SAP). This mix provides padding, quick absorption and retention for 20+ hours.

I needed these last month when I brought home some 750 mL bottles of good East Coast beers. But I agree with others, I just use tube socks double layered and then double bagged in those Giant Ziploc bags between some clothing and I haven’t had a breakage. But one broken bottle could make me a believer in the wine diaper.

I just want to know where you store leftover bubble wrap in such a way that you’re still able to find it for travel, yet hidden enough that someone hasn’t already popped it all.

This was my M.O. too – until finally a bottle (of expensive red) broke, immediately leaked beyond the folds of the taped-up pastic bag, and destroyed hundreds of dollars of clothes.

My new solution has been to pack a two-bottle styrofoam cardboard wine shipping box inside my suitcase, which takes up approximately 2/3 of the space and forces me to wear speedos to business meetings. (Not really, but close.)

I’m in for 3. Looks like a great product for the tiny niche of people like me who can’t go anywhere for more than a few days without bringing wine. :slight_smile:

Yes – see above. I thought I was Mr. Clever too. :wink:

Past performance is no guarantee of future success. Prepare for failure. (Especially when dealing with the inconsistencies of modern airline luggage handling.)

Since I just broke a bottle of wine in my kitchen this morning and will spend my Friday evening cleaning my grout, I am in for 3! I plan to give some of a friend who is going to italy for her honeymoon as part of her shower gift.