The Wine Diaper Three - Pack

The Wine Diaper Three - Pack
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Condition: New
Product: 3 Pink Wine Diapers

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a sad night ender on wine.woot

I wonder what kind of neat science experiments one could do with these. Will they soak up gasoline?


I believe they have found the world’s most unnecessary item…

Actually,they really work well if you are traveling and need to pack a Boyle in your suitcase. When we went on vacation we paid 8.00 for one to bring back a bottle of wine

Sweet! I needed to get a bit of sleep.

I like them.

But I do already have 9.

anyone familiar with the sealing mechanism? Also, how padded are these? I often fly back with a large number of 22 oz beer bottles from certain work trips, and normally just spring for a roll of bubble wrap if I don’t have enough laundry. I like the idea of being able to seal the bottles up, but I wonder if these have enough padding for multiple bottles to be placed next to each other if only minimally padded by laundry? I will say this video is fairly convincing, not to mention entertaining, and the price here is better.

Towels work wonders.

wine and diapers just don’t seem to mix?!?

My thoughts exactly, SirVancelot.

How can I use this on a wine bottle without thinking about what ends up in a diaper and how wonderful it smells? Brilliant marketing angle there.

Might I suggest some equally inspired product names?

  • The Wine Vomit Bag, a gift bag
  • The Wine Speculum, a cork remover
  • The Wine Tampon, a bottle stopper

Bottle of some 1996 vintage cab elsewhere this evening to anyone looking for wine and not bladders…

Bite your tongue!

But seriously, is that cab worth it?

Clearly you’re not drinking enough wine then.

lol sorry it made me break my siwbm so I got excited and this woot off has been boring! At the price point, it’s definitely worth it. Thank you 2day air!

I mean honestly, think about what you’re going to get at a store for that price? This is fun to try at the very least with 14 years on it already.

I think this is the end of woot off…so sad

I got these last time they came around. A great deal for the experience of trying a properly cellared napa cab, but I didn’t like it as much as I hoped I would…