The Wine Diaper Three - Pack

“If you notice a sharp, unpleasant, defecatory aroma coming from your Wine Diaper, dispose of it immediately, along with the wine bottle. And never speak of this again.”

LOL Must grant it to these guys for coming up with such wacky descriptions!

If wine diapers are indeed signaling that we are near the end of the wootoff, I’m hoping that the wootoff concludes with one final outstanding juice offering. One which, given the hour, will catch the left coasters among us still awake and plastered bleary-eyed to our monitors as we take the last sips from a bottle of previously purchased wootjuice. Thus fortified, we promptly conclude the wootoff in grand fashion.

Meanwhile, next morning the wooters who slept through the finale are left fumbling and complaining about what they missed. For that would only be fair recompense for the injustices heaped upon the denizens of the west in other wootoffs.