The Wine Diaper Three - Pack

The Wine Diaper Three - Pack
$6.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Pink Wine Diapers

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I’m in. Just not sure if I’m going to grab one or two.

These work pretty well. Just used the ones I purchased on Woot to stuff a bunch of wine in my suitcase on the return trip from Napa.

Here’s a semi-humorous video showing the wine diaper in action.

And I have a question for those of you who bought last time. Obviously, these hold Bordeaux bottles, but what about Rhone and Champagne bottles?

Since I’m all alone here, a three-pack directly from the company is $15 before taxes and shipping = $5 each. A ten-pack is $40 = $4 each. Woot’s deal is $4 each for one set or $3.16 for two sets or $2.89 each for three sets.

these look to be similar or identical to the popular WINEskin brand that most shops and wineries carry, but pretty expensive when you factor in shipping. I think most wineries sell them for like $3 each. I know I have not paid more than $3 or $4. The price alone here is good but the shipping ruins it. Bummer.

With shipping, woot is $4 each without tax.

And the WINEskin is just bubble wrap. This has sawdust in it to soak up the wine if the bottle does break.

I haven’t tried that, but I’d guess so since these are quite a bit larger than a standard sized bottle.

Why not just go in for 3? Then its only 2.89 each with shipping AND you have the “absorbency” edge over WINEskin.

You can never have too many wine diapers. Imagine the baby shower possibilities?!

Hmmmm… Shouldn’t that be “a jeroboam of 1945 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild”? And if so, I’m pretty sure the Wine Diaper wouldn’t fit, 'cause a jeroboam is (depending on the region) either 4 or 6 times the size of a normal bottle.

Just sayin’.

I got these in a prior woot-off, and they work quite well. I used them for a bottle of wine and a bottle of olive oil from Italy. No spillage found. Make sure you squeeze out the extra air so they don’t take up too much room in your bags.

Could’ve used these when I brought some Michigan cherry wines back with me…thankfully nothing broke but I was so nervous the whole time!

I believe the liner contains the same absorbent material that’s in diapers, not just sawdust.

I used these last month to bring four bottles of wine back from France and they worked great. Enough padding that I wasn’t worried about the bottles banging together.

$12 for bags to protect my 2 buck chuck. Im in.

Argh. There is just something about the word “diaper” combined with the word “wine” that is not right and makes me cringe. Honestly, this was the best name they could come up with? I know these thing work but shudder the name.

Heading to Russian River Valley this Thanksgiving and planning on bringing back as much wine as I can. I haven’t had any problems flying with wine before with foam and boxes, but hopefully this will prevent any future disasters.

This one shows them actually smashing the bottle in it with a baseball bat! :slight_smile:

that says ‘sold’ to me!

Sold out before 9am! Maybe I’ll save some cash today.