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where is everybody? any rats that can comment on the cab?

I ordered the cab the last time it came up. I’ll see if I can sneak a bottle tonight or tomorrow and post notes.

I DO agree with Fred though, rattage would be most appreciated. I’m considering the meritage (I think I’m one of 8 people in the world that still likes merlot), has anyone tried it?

A bunch of wooters had notes on the meritage a couple of months back. Hit the link.

I bought this last time it was offered and though I didn’t take notes, I remember it enough to know to pass this time around. We drank the first bottle and the rest were used for cooking, to bring to parties and to get over the finish line after we drank better bottles.

It is exactly what you would expect from an under $10 California cab. It wasn’t awful, but it’s not a diamond in the rough either.

Does anyone know about the Zin? Good price point.

Thanks the price had me worried

Tried one tonight and this review is spot on.

This sounds like the kind of wine you only keep around to serve to those that only drink it because it’s alcohol and don’t have any appreciation for wines of any quality. For this price point, I’ll stick to 2 buck chuck (3-4 buck nowadays) for that purpose, it’s a pass for me as well.

Thanks Guys…I was worried about it too…I hate it when I am tempted by a smooth looking label. I almost sprung last week, before the reviews came in…I am learning! NOW! If I could just learn to resist…well…nevermind…

or this link if that one doesn’t work:

Lol, didn’t check my own link. Linkified yours.

I guess I’m also one of the 8, and the Meritage piques my interest. Especially after the reviews I read from the link here.