The Wizard Universal Charger



Got this last time. Worked fine with both of my Samsung cell phones.

You simply pop the battery out of your phone, and place the 2 ‘arms’ onto the positive and negative contacts of your battery and plug it in.

I use it to charge ‘spare’ batteries, as my phone charges directly (from the cord) rather than on a cradle charger. Hope this helps.


product(s): 1 HRL Technologies The Wizard Universal Charger MPS001

condition: New

$1.99 + $5 shipping


Meh, already got these from Woot before, don’t need any more!


theres a podcast? and it says that it’s a 2 for tuesday…


Buy using USB



Guess 3 will do me fine for now.


Have a few. Work rather well for my variety of cellphones. Keep in mind you may have to slip/slide or even flip the batter to get it to charge.


I bought these last time & they are junk. Non functional & whold not charge an mp3 player, pretty poor IMHO!


Will this work with Zune?


Comments from last time on Woot:


It looks like a small Geiger counter. Anyone up for radiation scanning? What the heck, I’ll take 3 anyway.


Got 3 of these for my first woot. I am mostly interested in them for the USB charging port for my Jawbone and other USB chargeable devices.

Fry’s has a USB only type a/c charger for $9.95 - so this is a much better deal. Wonder how long it will take to get them since the Woot offices are less than 10 miles from my house.


He never gave the phone number!
I NEED this SO bad!

I don’t see the phone number either.
Oh well, maybe next time.


Nicely done.


Now that’s news I can use. Thanks cedaroo. I’m in for 3.


I bought two of these from the main Woot site some months ago. They worked somewhat okay although getting the contacts to properly line up with the battery was a bit frustrating and not always successful. I charged the battery on my Nokia 770 etc. using this. Then one day I hooked up my cell phone battery to the thing. Everything was properly connected and it seemed to be charging correctly but when I went to use the battery turns out it was completely destroyed, would not hold a charge at all. So then both of these chargers went into the trash.


Yeah, I got 6 total last time around… They’re recycling the podcast is all. I wish it were two-packs though. I’d still want three!!!


Does anyone that have one of these know if it will work in Europe?


These are great to recharge cellphone batteries that can’t be recharged using the home charger because the charger terminals in the phone have failed. Make sure you don’t charge the battery with the wrong polarity.