The Woot monkeys recently went to Costa Rica

A few months ago, I was planning on traveling to Costa Rica. Work of course found out that I was traveling by myself and jokingly suggested I should bring a couple of Woot monkeys along for the ride to keep me company.

Of course, I took it more seriously than they did and started looking around for consenting monkeys willing to drop everything and travel. Monte and Mortimer, knowing they are A list celebrities declined, choosing instead to continue with their daily monkey chats and sheannigans planning (Monte is still trying to resurrect his coupon quest). However, I did find 2 volunteers who were excited to tag along. These are our lesser known Woot monkeys and I would like to go ahead and introduce them to you right now. I hope you stick around to hear more about their journey.

Ferdinand and Persephone


Looking forward to the Adventures of Ferdinand and Persephone. (AoFP?)

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First up is Ferdinand. His favorite color is orange but he wears green to throw ‘them’ off. He does not like bananas because that is what ‘they’ would want him to like. Wer’e unsure about who ‘they’ are.


Next up is Persephone. As long as anyone can remember, she has worn a yellow cape, even when she goes to bed. Persephone is a hard core gamer who enjoys being silly and making situations awkward.


When they found out that they’re in fact, cleared to go to Costa Rica, they couldn’t contain their excitement. Their hope was to run into more monkeys and learn something about their ancestry. They’re still unsure which species they are.

Here they are below, when they found out the news.


The big day was almost upon us. I had set an alarm on for 4 in the morning as our flight was going to leave early but before going to bed, I went to check one last time to make sure everything was packed properly.

Turns out some monkeys lack patience.


The alarm went off at 5 in the morning. I didn’t have the heart to wake these 2 up right away.


Our cab showed up when it was still dark. I lifted them up and carried them to the back seat where they decided to continue sleeping for a while longer.

Eventually though, Persephone woke up. Ferdinand was still pretty tired so she pulled him her lap and made sure he remains comfortable.

10 minutes later though, the sun was up. Ferdinand woke up, rubbed his eyes and now, both were shaking their feet restlessly as the airport showed up over the horizon.


Soon, we got to the airport and through security. Ferdinand refused to believe we were on the flight and promptly stole the boarding pass from me. When he realized his reading was still weak, Persephone jumped in to confirm the names on the boarding pass.

Secure in the knowledge that she won’t be left behind, Persephone sat down to relax. I was too afraid to tell her that what was she looking at was not a TV.

Ferdinand on the other hand remained a skeptic and wouldn’t let the plane out of his sights!


The time finally came and much to Ferdinand’s disbelief, they were finally allowed to get on board. Apparently federal regulations allow 2 monkeys to share a seat like this. I’m proud to say they were able to buckle themselves without any assistance from me.

When the plane took off and the seat belt signs came off, they couldn’t wait to look outside the window.


We arrived in Costa Rica later that day but our first destination was much further away. After arriving at the airport, we caught a cab and then took a 4 hour bus ride to a little village where we slept for the night. Persephone wanted to go for Karaoke but Ferdinand desired sustenance. Eventually, we settled on bringing the food back to our little room while Persephone sang in the shower.

The next morning, we took off. We walked to a bus station 15 minutes away and caught another bus to take us to a river. There, we were to wait an hour for our boat to arrive and take us to Tortuguero.

As we waited, Ferdinand decided to snap a few pictures. He was convinced that was a tree troll.


He kept a look out for a few more.



Dude… I thought you were out sick.


The boat arrived and the 2 monkeys engaged in their own shenanigans.


Saw some wild life along the way


Did you see any crows?

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A few with long beaks. Pics coming shortly.

The boat finally arrived to where we wanted to go … or so we thought. Apparently, there was one last water taxi that we had to catch to get to our lodge. Persephone kept screaming at Ferdinand to walk back with us to the water but he was mesmerized by a leaf. Shaking our head, we walked back over to him and realized that the leaf was so much more. We were in the midst of the butterfly kingdom’s world hide and seek champion!



We were finally here! And it was everything the monkeys wanted it to be. After traveling for 24 hours, catching cabs, buses, planes and boats, they had their first opportunity to properly relax!



But as we all know, they’re not just any monkeys. They are Woot monkeys and soon, the shenanigans began.

Ferdinand did not want to be left out

And wanted to become the focus of all attention.

He finally lost interested and decided to continue his shenanigans elsewhere.


But the shenanigans soon turned to Monkeying around. Monkey see, monkey do