THe Woot-Off killer [oooo that damn bread holdn' toaster!]



I bought 3. Why! Why! Whyheheheeee
We shall never know how many there were! If you know let me know.

I am pleased to see that the toaster only stalled the woot and didn’t kill it.


There has yet to be a wootoff killer


um, whats a woot off?


It is when there is one item after another for an unspecified time. Each item stays up until it is sold out. It goes on 24 hrs a day till the Woot gods decide it is over. It contributes to lack of sleep, calling in sick to work, and irritated family members who don’t understand why you have to be online all the time.
Last summer about this time there was one that lasted about 3 days or so…it’s what got me hooked, so beware, lol!!


So how do you know that a woot off is happening?


you see yellow lights flashing on the homepage


Zilla click here