The wrong shirt is posted on the top 20 page

The wrong night owl shirt is up on the top 20 page. It has the correct thumbnail but when you click into it it’s a different shirt. I guess no night owls will buy this particular shirt tonight lol.


Hey sweetravin,

Sorry for this, it is a problem when designs have the same name. We are working on getting this fixed.

Its a bit frustrating because if any further people were going to buy it- it would have been last night since it was heavily promoted that day. I hope you guys get the bugs worked out.

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Yep. Yesterday I bought the shirt shown in the thumbnail (embedded below) and I don’t want the shirt that is shown after clicking the thumbnail today. I just emailed customer support and if they can’t confirm that I will actually get the shirt I ordered then I told them to cancel the order.

I just checked and searches for “Night Owl” or “Owl” do not show this design. So, it appears that Woot isn’t actually offering this design at all – or it doesn’t have “Owl” in the title.


If you ordered the shirt yesterday, you will get the correct shirt! The bug only started at midnight last night and was fixed this morning.

Any orders placed between midnight and this morning will be corrected.

Hi. Just checking in.

I emailed customer support about this shirt order/shipment being stuck in Dallas for the last week or so. CS did contact me back stating that if it hadn’t arrived by this previous weekend a replacement would be sent to me.

I followed up with the CS person to let them know that the tracking number still shows that the package hasn’t moved as of Sunday, but haven’t heard back. I did see that they used an European date format in their message to me (25/8/2019) so I assume they are off-shore based so completely different time-zone?

Anyway, thanks for any help you can offer getting a replacement :slight_smile:

CS contacted me and has sent a replacement shirt.

Thanks Woot! :w_happy:

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Well, we finally received the Night Owl shirt. It’s a size Women’s Medium Fitted and is for our adult daughter.

This shirt is too skinny and long! The shoulders are only 12" across and is almost 30" long!

It makes a perfect dress for my 7 year old granddaughter (in fact it’s a little snug). So we are completely confused as to how these shirts are sized :confused:

Hi there. Look at the size chart linked in the sale and compare it to a shirt your daughter already owns.

Also, if the shirt you received doesn’t match those measurements, let CS know.

OwlShirtWoot is selling dresses now?



You edited your post over there, as Google search shows “owl.shirt.woot”, but when one goes to the post, it’s not there.

Hi TT. I’m not quite sure how to interpret the chest size chart. The CHEST WIDTH talks about measuring an actual chest whereas the FRONT LENGTH is talking about measuring a shirt?

It seems a little random to just start and stop a measurement somewhere “under your arms”.

Should I just get a shirt that fits correctly and lay it flat on a table and measure the width of the “chest” area to get an accurate chest size for the Woot shirts?

For example I just measured this shirt and it is 14.5" across the chest area and according to the Woot size chart that’s close to the width of a Kid’s size 4. But, it is 27.5" long, which is the length Woot shows for a Women’s Medium Fitted.


Hi @jdwdigital hopefully I can offer some clarification on your questions:

R.E. Chest width measuring, since all of our size chart measurements are given as if the shirt is laying flat, you want to measure from armpit to armpit across the fullest part of the chest. Start and stop the tape measure under your arms where the side seams normally lie on your t-shirts - basically in the center of your side/underarm. The shirt you purchased should measure 16.75" from side seam to side seam across the chest, if the body you are measuring has a larger measurement than that, size up. If the body measurement is smaller than that maybe consider sizing down. You’ll notice on the women’s medium shirts there is a 3" flat measurement difference in the fit of the shirts, that’s a 6" circumference, so a significant difference in the way the shirt fits when worn.

R.E. Front length measuring, measure from the top of your shoulder - or where a shoulder seam on a t-shirt normally lays on you, down your front to the point around your hips where you would want the bottom hem of the shirt to be. If that measurement somewhat matches the length we’ve given in the size chart, BOOM you’ve got a match! Our fitted t-shirts are 1/4" longer than our classic fit shirts in a women’s medium and should measure 26.75". If that is not the case on your shirt please do let us know by contacting our CS team.

Thanks for the detailed response. That will make purchasing shirts more “predicable” in the future :wink:

But here’s what I’m seeing. The shirt is only 14.5" at it’s widest point below the arms. Which is concerning because I will probably just re-order the shirt, but since this shirt should be the correct size at 16.75" and is 14.5" instead, I’m not sure how to order to compensate for the discrepancy…

Maybe I’ll just order a “classic” fit this time. That at least will be a different brand shirt.

Thanks again!

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Yeah, that isn’t right. :frowning:

Yeah, something is off with that one. Send that pic to CS and let them try another replacement.

Thanks for the info, we can also inform our supply chain!

Personally I would recommend ordering the classic fit, and if she prefers a more fitted look - like I do - I wash the classic on a hot wash and hot tumble dry. Doing that I get a ‘loose’ fitted look, but I don’t like a really tight fit so that’s personal preference. A disclaimer though, those are not official wash instructions as per the label, it’s a hack per se, so makes the item not returnable.

WooHoo! Woot comes through again!

Customer Service contacted me and a new Women’s Medium Classic fit is going to be shipped out to us ASAP.

Thanks you guys :slight_smile:

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Glad it worked out and your daughter actually gets a new shirt she can wear! Also, free nightgown!