The Yes Bars 20ct - Your Choice

The Yes Bars 20ct - Your Choice

Hi, I actually had just finished eating one of these cookies before checking out woot’s daily listing… and wow… here they are… I had three left… now I have one because they’re on sale again so I ate two because they really are that good.

I gave one of these cookies away… Just one… and I was hoping that person wouldn’t ask for another. And of course he loved the cookie, but fortunately he didn’t ask… because the answer would have been “nope”.

So ok yes, they’re expensive but sometimes I’ve eaten this cookie instead of a meal. If you’re the type that wishes you could eat a cookie and then go workout and do something…well… this is your cookie. It melts in your mouth (at least the dark chocolate chip). And yet you’re still snacking on the bits in your mouth for a full five minutes afterwards (which to me feels like I’m still eating the cookie).

When these went up last time, I read the vendor story which is what made me purchase this. I was not disappointed and I’m elated to see them up again. I’m surprised no one else has chimed in with how yummy they are and perfect for a meal on the go. I used to eat Lara, Cliff & Kind bars and have tried various others, but this cookie takes the cake! Buy some and hide them and you won’t regret it.

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Reminds me of when my mum would add oatmeal to cookie batter to make it stretch. I guess I’m a chocolate chip cookie purist as I see all those nuts and such as filler. At some point it becomes less cookie and more granola/nut bar.