The Yes Bars Variety Pack- 3 Flavors

The Yes Bars Variety Pack- 3 Flavors

6 bars on the mother ship-- $14.99
On the Yes Bar web site $17.99 and free ship.

You’re getting 18 bars here.

Wow $40 for that many? Yea OK someone here is making 90% profit

Yes, I am pointing out the value here.

Whoa. Cool. That rarely happens for our gourmet products. Thank you!

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18 bars on Amazon $44.97 so you save $4.98 or 27.6 cents a bar. I think I’ll pay the extra 27 cents a bar to try them from Amazon before ordering 18.
Edit: I used Subscribe and Save on Amazon and it actually cost ten cents LESS per bar than this Woot “deal”. $12.74 for a 6 pack or $38.22 for 18 bars.