TheraPearl Hot/Cold Packs

Nothing here that’s wearable for sprained wrists.
Wouldn’t the Drink Koozie work on the wrist, besides keeping your beverage cold or hot?
Just a thought…

The drink koozie sounds great but my concern is that there’s no bottom. If you’re not careful (and who’s careful when drinking), it looks like your bottle or can can easily slip right through and cause a mess.

In for 2 knee packs. Why the knee packs aren’t a 2 pack is beyond me.

I’m not a fan of TheraPearl, I bought some a while back for my knee (torn meniscus, needed to reduce swelling pre and post surgery) and the cold went away far too quickly, then the pearls started bursting and before a month was gone the pack burst open at the seam leaving blue beads every where. I’ve switched to CryoPak and they’ve been doing phenomenally, the packs can be used for 6-8 hours and with the wrap they come with you can move about freely while cooling the specific joint.