TheraPearl Hot/Cold Therapy 2-Pack

The square one gets good reviews on amazon. No reviews for the contoured one, but they look fairly similar.

Have had a migraine everyday the last 14 years. So will definitely be on this. Rotate ice packs all night while at home. Hope these ones work well.

These are pretty good because they’re flexible (unlike most ice packs), and they can be used for cold and heat therapy. My biggest concern us how cold these can get (I can’t find the info). For the reduction of inflammation, the temperature should not be lower than 40F. Colder temperatures risk damaging the skin, aka frostbite. Definite DO NOT use ice packs meant for food because many of the gels have a freeing temperature below 32F. That’s good for preserving food but not for your skin. If you must use a food ice pack, wrap it in a towel or pillow case.

I received one of these at a conference in attended this weekend. Luckily, I stuck it in the freezer when I returned because my 2 year old hurt himself twice yesterday. I used it as an ice pack for the bump on his noggin.

-It’s not uncomfortably cold. Both of us could handle it without our fingers feeling frozen
-It’s malleable enough to contour around wherever you put it, thanks to the beads

-it only stays cold for about 20 minutes
-the elastic band isn’t very stretchy. The velcro ends popped off when I tried to pull it around my toddler’s head

Warning: My kids were obsessed with squeezing the little blue balls inside. My 2 year old even tried to bite them through the plastic.

For me it’s a decent ice pack, but I didn’t pay for it.

Anyone know what the heat capacity of these bead materials are?

Cold packs can help a headache but migraines are a different beast. It’s unknown whether cold actually helps a migraine, or whether it’s purely psychological. Cold works by constructing blood vessels thus decreasing the flow of blood (hence the reduction of inflammation/swelling, and while a cold area is pale). If/why/how that affects a migraine is unknown. Some say that cold works by numbing the area. Still others say that heat works better. Regardless, if you do use cold therapy, limit it to about 20 mins.

Since you mention using these at night, you might want to look into a Chillow. It’s a pillow device that disperses heat from the head. While it’s not cold, per se, many women swear by it for reliving the hot flashes associated with menopause. No freezing or electricity is involved. It’s simply a water filled pad that draws heat away. You can find reviews on Amazon and YouTube. I just ordered one (on sale for $8.99) so I don’t yet have any firsthand experience.

Patients often as whether one should use heat or cold therapy. The general rule is to use cold right after an injury, and then heat for several day after. By injury, I include overexertion and post-sports recovery.

When the body gets cold, it tries to retain heat by constricting the blood vessels near the cold area. That reduces blood flow to the area, explaining why cold skin is white (warm blood then rushes into the body’s core, keeping vital organs like the heart and brain warm). The reduction of blood flow is desirable because it reduces swelling which is a problem after injury. Swelling may press on nerves, inducing pain.

Some studies also suggest that cold reduces the production of cytokines (which promotes inflammation).

After swelling has subsided, however, increased blood flow is desirable to aid healing. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients that are vital to recovery. This is while a heating pad is helpful. Blood rushes to the site of heating, which explains why the skin turns red. As an aside, torn ligaments and tendons are much harder to heal than muscles because they have very little blood (hence their pearly white color).

Some studies also suggest that both heat and cold promotes the production of endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemical.

Migraines run in my family but most have some kind of trigger. I had them for days in my new apartment till I figured out the fluorescent bulbs I was using were one of my triggers. Switched to LED in every room I could and things got much better… I still get them if I go out shopping for too long… since most stores have fluorescent lighting. Dark chocolate and red wine are two others… my mom has them for red wine and ice tea.

Yeah, but that was at a “competitor’s” site and isn’t available any more… I thought about getting one too, but paying 50% of the price for shipping always gets me at that site…

I’m thinking about these for our 11 year old who just has his first achilles injury. The injury will most likely be healed by the time this would arrive, so I wonder if I’d be tempting fate by not buying it.

Or would I be buying an insurance policy against future injuries? :slight_smile:

Not if you use a coupon. S/h = $0. Even with s/h, it’s still much cheaper than the cost on Amazon and eBay. And unlike Woot, they don’t charge me tax – although that may change next year!

The best cold therapy pack by far is made by First Ice. I have 5 of them and use them weekly. Here is a review for headaches. The advantages are:

  • It doesn’t get colder than 40F so it’s safe on the skin
  • The consistency is like snow, not ice, so it’s flexible
  • The cold lasts an astonishing 2-4 hours. We consistently get about 1.5-2 hours (our room is usually >80F). They’re great in a pillow case in the Summer.
  • They come in kits with arm, back and leg straps.
  • You can find them real cheap when on sale. Our packs/kits were about $4 each.

I feel your pain, for 8 yrs. I’m the same, rotating ice packs all night. FYI for anyone else, if it’s “too cold” frozen, slip it into a (new lol) men’s long gym sock. Perfect :wink:

Good luck with your migraines…I’m investigating a new surgery procedure…in the meantime, I’m in for a few of these!

Oh and yes, I’ve been with 3 neuros, tried every therapy available, so thanks in advance to the rest of you lovely Wooters for not suggesting a “cure”–mine began after a rollercoaster ride, though I’ve had migraines off and on since I was a teen. It’s only been the past 8 years I’ve been diagnosed with Complex Migraine Disease and Chronic Daily Headache.

Apollo1Man, feel free to email me


I love pretty much all TheraPearl products. The ability to move them and contour them to where you hurt is great (much like the old frozen peas trick)

Only con, as mentioned earlier, is they don’t stay cold nearly as long as the crystal or rock versions.

I personally find the trade-off worth it and just buy a few extras.

Constricting blood flow is exactly why it works for alot of migraine sufferers. That is how popular prescription medications work. By constricting the blood vessels limiting blood flow to the area. I hope it gives you some relief. It certainly helps me some but no two migraines are alike! Good luck!

That last pic looks like some kind of method of torture. “My eyes are BUUURRRNING–AAAAAGGGGHH.”

Uncomfortable and it doesn’t take long for them to leak…the Chillow that is.

If you have had the same migraine for 14 years, I hope you’ve seen a doc or two to get some help. There are some really good, non-invasive treatments today.

In for two sets. I have used these things extensively (we call 'em “peas”), in a few different shapes and sizes. I’m an artist and have problems with my hands cramping horribly when I hold small things tightly after doing it for so many years. They are fabulous and have made a world of difference with some pretty serious pain but there are some caveats.

I’ve only used them cold to stop severe muscle spasms, never hot so I can’t review them from that aspect. Yes, you CAN burn your skin to the extent of frostbite, I’ve done it a few times but if you’re careful about making sure there’s even a thin cloth between the peas and your skin it’s easy to avoid. I find they keep their chill for at least 15-20 minutes and you shouldn’t be keeping something this cold on your skin for longer than that in one stretch regardless.

They don’t last forever if you use them often, eventually the peas begin to break, though they are still useable for quite a while even with several broken peas. I’ve not had one leak on me yet.

Also, the total price for one set with shipping is about what we pay locally for one without straps, so this is a great deal! All in all, I highly recommend these.