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I have many TheraPearl products. They freeze well and warm up nicely. I use at least one TheraPearl product twice a week.

Check out how these things work over at

I already own a couple of icepacks. Any reason I should replace them with these?

These are much easier to shape to your body. They also double as wonderful heat packs as well. We have 2 contour packs, and we use them all the time!

My 85 year old father thinks these are wonderful. Great for all the parts that ache. The little “magic” beads made it mold to those achey parts so much better then the traditional gel packs.

Hmmm.It … looks like they have improved the straps on these. I just might have to get him some more, even if father’s day has just come and gone.

If you want the press release on the National Football League Players Association licensing arrangement with TheraPearl (in other words, why “NFLPA” is printed on the packs/straps)

I did buy the Countour one from woot before, doesn’t stay tight all the time (but I don’t know how it could) and used it for cold only, a few times. The straps do help, the pack worked well.

Got these a while back with the intention of keeping 2 in the freezer, and 2 for warming. Those in the freezer work great. They don’t freeze rock hard so can be manipulated to shape around, and sit well on, the required area. Not happy with the two that we’ve warmed. Over time they seem to have filled with a bit of air. They’re now puffy and rounded, and don’t provide the same ability to contour around parts as they did when we first got them.

I should have known these were going to be on woot today. They have been in my cart at Amazon for weeks and were $6 each but only as add-on items. So only $18 for 3 with prime but I needed to spend $25 to check out (see their add-on program)
Yesterday they all jumped to $10 or higher each!

Design flaw alert!

The koozie is a great idea but I’m having a difficult time getting it to fit around my athletic water bottles or my 20-oz mixer cup that I use for my meal replacement drink that I have every day. It also doesn’t fit around my reusable Brita water bottle. It’s showed on the TheraPearls site wrapped around a bottle.

It might work on bigger items if you had some sort of strong elastic bad or Velcro strap. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do is get a Velcro strap so I can actually use the koozie. So far, I’ve kept it in the freezer only. I feel bad- I gave one to my pet sitter before I realized it didn’t fit much of anything.

As for why use this and not an ice pack- frostbite! I can put the cold pack directly against my skin. Also, these do both hot and cold. Lastly, as someone mentioned, these mold to you body much better than an ice pack. And lastly again, they have strap thingies to keep them in place. Or, they are designed in such a way to stay in place.

Have you tried a beer? They work perfect for a beer bottle or can. In fact, I think my beer is colder 1 minute after the koozie is applied than it is straight out of the fridge

They do not burn your skin like a normal ice pack. I also think they penetrate a little better. I have knees that dislocate and especially when it’s raining outside, have almost constant pain. The knee wrap has been a life saver for me.

These work well to stay cold but do not last long and break easily. They broke while I was using it (I’m a grown up) but I would highly recommend do not allow a child to use this or have any contact with these. That’s just a poison control call in the making.

I bought a set of them one of the last times they were sold and they all broke fast. Woot was great and sent out replacements but they broke, too. We aren’t doing anything crazy but the plastic around the edges cracks and splits if you just look at it. Then all the blue pearls leak out and they are interesting to clean up.

Hi ssand23,
I am a TheraPearl employee and wanted to thank you for your feedback. First, I would like to assure you that all of our packs are non-toxic. I’m very sorry to hear that your TheraPearl packs have broken. We take product quality very seriously and it sounds as though the packs you received are not up to our standards. If you could please contact me directly at I will be more than happy to send you a replacement free of charge. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have. Thanks ssand23 and I hope to hear from you soon!