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its sooo hot out, i would use this every time i walk the dog just to stay cool

Reviews on the Knee Wrap
Reviews on the Shin Wraps

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I got these the last time sport.woot featured them. I run about 15-20 miles/week, and my shins are constantly barking. These are amazing for post-run relief. The smaller contour pad is also great for icing my feet!

So I have these, bought them from a sports store or something, and I am not immpressed.

I use them mainly for the ‘cold feature’ however, they never seem to stay cold very long. They are always in the freezer, so the 2 hour rule thing doesnt really apply and there is direct skin contact. (I don’t know how else to phrase that to make it not sound bad)

I used them mainly for an ankle sprain and for my knees after running and lifting… I guess not bad for $15… they give you enough that you could just swap them back and forth every 5 minutes!!

I got these the last time they were on Woot because I knew I was about to have knee surgery. They’ve worked well so far, but as everyone says don’t expect them to be as cold or last as long as using regular ice. I can get a solid 15 min of use and then the effectiveness definitely begins to fall off.

I definitely recommend them at this price point and for the sheer convenience of not having to make little ice pouches in ziplock baggies all the time.

I bought these the last time they were on Woot. Just FYI, they don’t stay cold very long. We have a medipack ice pack that stays cold for an hour, these things are warm within 20 minutes I’d say.

I use cold packs and different hot packs (not these) My trainer said that you need to apply cold for 10 to 15 minutes only and same if you are alternating hot/cold. I know it feels better icing it down longer but that is what my licensed trainer says for what it’s worth

I bought a two-pack of these last time they were on woot. I kept one at work and one at home in the freezer. Both started to leak after only several uses. Waste of money.

They say when icing that you should only keep it on for about 20 minutes so they run out at a good time. My wife loves them because of that reason. She doesn’t have to watch a clock, when it warms up, it would be time to take it off anyways.

Trainers say to ice between 10-20 minutes once every two hours.

So you know how it was 100° in LA a couple weeks ago? The A/C couldn’t handle it. The only way my wife and I were able to sleep were with these bad boys on our necks. Bought them last time, arrived just in time for the heat wave. They are cold enough for long enough to let you fall asleep, and soft enough and dry enough to not wake you up if you roll over on them.

Man, with summer in full swing in the ATL, I really wish these would fit under my shinguards.

Rule of thumb with cold packs guys, 20 minutes on 40 minutes off. you don’t need a cold pack to last an hour if you’re treating an injury.

Anyone know how this multi-pass… Um, I mean multi-pack would work for shoulder?

Even on their site, I do not find a shoulder pack. Guess I could try the breast pack… (Actually not entirely kidding!)

There is the ‘sports pack’ and the ‘contour pack’ but I really do not see one for shoulder. I have rotator cuff impingement. I ice 3 times a day and bring a large plastic cup of ice onto the pool deck with me that I rub the should with during practice between sets. 54 and still training hard, but would love to find something that really contours well to the shoulder and then doesn’t leak when the little rectangular cells fail!

Hi, I am a TheraPearl employee and wanted to personally address your feedback. I’m very sorry that your TheraPearl packs broke open after only a few uses. We take our product quality very seriously and I’m sorry that your packs were not up to our standards. If you contact us directly at and reference this post we will be more than happy to send you replacements free of charge. Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, I am a TheraPearl employee and wanted to personally address your comments. TheraPearl packs were specifically designed to hold their therapeutic temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes to reduce the risk of overheating or over icing the treatment area. Thanks for your feedback and I hope to hear from you soon!

Ok, so I just received my package, and I am a little (a lot) concerned about the shin wraps. The box for them was fairly dirty, the tape on the sides closing the lid was also dirty and already rolled up on both sides, and the shin wraps them selves are practically green - a noticeably different coloration than the contour or knee wraps. I know Woot! handles a lot of refurbs, but this may be going too far, especially when the item condition is SUPPOSED to be “new”.

Either Therapearl or Woot!, any comments on this? I can send or post pictures, if that would help. Also, anyone else receive items like this?