TheraPearl Sports and Eye Mask Pack

Sure beats a steak! thats for sure.

Seriously though it’s a big upgrade from a bag of ice as it contours to your body nicely… and the fact that it doubles as a heat pack is even nicer. sweet little beads of heat.

I will definitely be buying this pack. I currently have the sports pack and use it often. I heat it up in the microwave and use it on my shoulder and knee. It keeps heat pretty well.


My Dad’s favorite Christmas present. I picked this up for him on a woot-off whim. He says it’s great for his sinus headaches. A little zap in the micro and it soothes the pain away and clears up his sinuses.
ETA: He’s 85 and has tried it all so that’s a high rec.coming from him. He agrees with CowboyDann about the “sweet little beads of heat”. He says the beads make all the difference.

I may have to try it for myself !

I have a model VERY similar to this. I use mine for cold-therapy after hard workouts and long work days.

The best part though is when it gets SUPER hot out. Cold on the face, cold on the neck/lower-back equals the greatest beat-the-heat money can buy.

My only recommendation for cold-therpy use is to get two. That was you can rotate them in an out of the freezer.

I’m gonna get one to keep in my work-fridge for those stressful days.

If anyone is wondering btw, Amazon lists the mask alone at 10 bucks, with the pack as an additional 6 bucks. So this is a pretty decent deal if you don’t have Amazon prime.

I got the mask alone for 3.99 on that woot off back in dec. so I think good price, especially if you are wanting another item for the ship to be spread around !

I bought a couple of these a couple months ago for my dog after her ACL surgery thinking that it would be a lot easier to apply for the cold/moist heat therapy afterwards. Ended up being a great decision because it didn’t take long to freeze the packs and was just as easy to warm them up. Much better than the ice packs that were about the equivalent of placing a board on her leg since these mold to the area you apply them to. I paid just as much for one sports pack, so this is a pretty good deal. Highly recommend them.

I have these as well. They freeze quickly and stay cold for a reasonably long length of time. I have noticed some of the beads have broken into squishy blue confetti, but so far it doesn’t seem to affect the function of the pack.

Do these stay flexible when frozen? We have another brand and it does and it is great for icing tough to get to spots and for holding in place with an ACE bandage. Thx.

Yes they do. I have 3 that I have gotten from various woots over the last couple months.

Nice replacement to the “bag of frozen peas” with the added value of being able to use it for heat therapy as well!

someone agreed with me? there must be something wrong :tongue:

Not much of a woot if all you’re saving is $1 though.

Get several, then you and your friends can play Breaking Bad at home!

Exactly. But I have to pay taxes on Amazon Prime orders. For this to be a good deal, I’d have to order at least 2. Saving about $7 or 12 (for 3).