TheraPearl Sports and Eye Mask Pack

Have the Sports pack on my shoulder/neck as we speak. I use it after microwaving it. It stays hot/warm for a good 30 - 40 minutes. More if I wrap a scarf or towel over it.

Link on Amazon:

For the eye mask:

These are great, the eye mask really helps with headaches/migraines that my girlfriend and I get frequently. $7 is a steal

Bought just the pack in Walmart for $9.00 bucks and love it. This is a great deal. Can’t wait to try the Eye Mask.

I have the eye masks, and they work great! Havent tried heating them yet though.

I wish the reg packs were sold separately, I could use a few of those…

I bought the arm ones they had on here a few months ago. They work great. In for a pair.

Do not buy these through the mail if you live at high altitude. I live in Salt Lake and when they arrived they had ballooned up because of the difference in air pressure.

My mask broke open the first time i used it :frowning: super disappointed.