There's No I in Team, but There Is If You Spell It "Teim"

Who has one of those therapy packs and would like to share thoughts on it?

I see that Amazon sells 1 of these for $10 and change. So this is a good deal.

Though the reviews on these tend to be more negative than positive. The main complaint being they don’t get all that cold & don’t stay cold very long but on a positive, the reviews said since it doesn’t get super cold, they can apply it directly to their skin & don’t need something in between this cold pack & their skin like is often needed. But those reviewing the hot aspect, said they were pleased with how quickly it heats up & stays hot.

I’m thinking these may be more appropriate to ice an acute injury where you need something quick (like when the kids bump into something) rather than for that chronic achy knee where you need a cold pack that can stay cold for a while. But if you need some heat on that chronic knee, these may be better suited there.

I am thinking of picking up a couple since I have kids & they go though soft ice packs like these like crazy. It’s a good price so I won’t be upset if it gets popped or croaks in a month.

Had to add this:

I have now ordered/received a variety of zoombang products, and I have mixed reviews on them.

I am normally a size 2XL, 6’6" 190lbs.

I originally ordered a size 2XL girdle and 4 piece shirt, but the shirt was too big and was unusable. The girdle was a little loose, but well worth the money, as it has pockets for a cup and thigh pads, which I don’t need as I play basketball in them.

I then ordered a two piece rib shirt when they were available again, and two weeks later when it arrives I get a shoulder padded shirt instead.

Overall its a good product, but good luck managing to get the right size/product shipped to your home.

Perfect. I was looking for something like this with a cup pocket for broomball (floor hockey, but on ice). Thanks for the preemptive answer.

I was sad to see that it is only a right hander glove, no love for the lefties.

There is an I in wIn!

Kind of wondering about the Zoombang pads. I am looking for something for snowboarding. Went to the Zoombang website and must say - it sucks for usability with everything done in flash. “Zoombang® is also present in the following Sports Activities:

But no link how it might be “present” in snowboarding. Guess what snow is also “present” in snowboarding.

No I, but there is a me!

Lol I notice how they added ‘Recommended for Ages 8 - 13 years’ this time around.

In regards to sizing, I bought this glove in the August 19th sale
and it easily fits my hand (mid-20s female, smallish hand).

I got four of the therapy packs on here and I am in love with them. So far, we have used them for muscle strains/aches, headaches and simply to cool down (Laugh away, southern friends, but this many days of 90+ degree weather can be rough on us Minnesotans!).

As the package says, these take about 2 hrs to fully freeze. After three solid hours on my forehead, with a towel between the compress and my head, the compress was still cool enough to provide relief. On average, these seem to stay cold 4-5 hours. The beads inside did not freeze together but did provide enough structure that it was easy to get the pack situated where and how we wanted and be confident it would hold its shape without the rigidity of other compresses. The velcro strap kept the compress in place nicely, as well, although an average adult may want to supplement with an additional length of velcro to ensure a comfortable fit.

The price was good, the product is sturdy, as advertised and beneficial. I know we (and our son’s soccer team!) will be using these for years ahead.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the problems with the order fulfillment. Did we get you taken care of? If not, be sure to email

Of course if you happen to speak German you’d spell it “tiem.” Just an observation…

Don’t buy the 12" glove unless it is for very young kids with small hands, I thought they were adult and they are not. My eleven year old can not get his hand in it.

What is the waist size of the XL youth girdle? I assume that is 30"-31" but I wanted to make sure.

I am also curious about this, especially since it is one of the few sizes left for the girdle. I’m surprised that they do not have it on the sizing chart.

I bought them last time and gave them to family members, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. From headaches to sore muscles these seemed to do the trick.

The reviews that you reference express my experience: these packs stay hot for a reasonable amount of time but simply do not stay cold for very long. That being said, it is nice to be able to apply the pack directly to the skin.

Got a reply 48 hours later saying they were out of stock, and I’m getting a refund instead.

All I wanted was a shirt with rib pads, ordered one when it was the item of the day and somehow it still didn’t happen :frowning:

I have the compression girdle and it does its job. Easy to run in, breathes well, keeps everything together. I will be wearing these for Tough Mudder this weekend.

Nothing special about the padding though. In testing, it can withstand a falcon punch from my wife (and she hits hard).