There's Snow Regrets

There’s NO business like SNOW business, like NO business I know…
Some of these mornings you just have to burst out into song, sorry about that. Have you already gotten the first snow of the season? Which tool do you recommend?

Im sure its for people with bad backs, but my god that looks unwieldy and bizarre

Have found the ergo ones work well for fluffy snow but definitely not the heavy stuff. Plus, quite often, you still need a pusher/scraper to get the rest of the stuff off the walk/drive.

That is one expensive shovel. No thanks. Also, I have never found an ‘ergo’ shovel that actually works as well as a normal one. This one, I’m willing to bet money that it’s a PITA to use.

And, you need a step on plate on BOTH SIDES of the boot brush. Good luck not falling over stepping on the plate on the right with your left foot while you try to clean your right boot.

And, yes, I realize you could turn it around, but that’s stupid.

Seriously, who designs this crap?

Can they add a seat to the wheeled one and allow the option to ride it like a unicycle? I’m sure it would feature prominently in the next snow circus!

When it comes to the light, fluffy stuff, nothing’s easier than a good outdoor broom, especially on stairs. The heavy stuff? Buy a snow blower. After clearing a driveway, full flight of stairs and the sidewalk after a storm that dumped 2 feet of wet snow in a day, there’s no way I ever want to do that again.

C’mon, just call Mr. Plow!


Been using these for years… One’s at home for clearing a long drive way. And have another one for clearing the paved yard at our warehouse. They move a lot of snow fast. Have had no problems with moving heavy snow either. This particular model disassembles for easier storage - a definite plus over the older models.

-Not a shill

The 19th century called and wants its Nootools SW00301 Snow Wolf Wheeled Shovel back.

You’re kidding right? I’ve shoveled plenty of drives and have no idea how this would make my life easier… I am baffled at the idea of slapping a wheel on a snow shovel…

I think some of you guys need a little visualization. Snow Wovel Instructions-Throwing - YouTube

Honestly, for $30, I’d be in for one of the snow wolf’s. Looks like it would make things a lot easier.

However, $120 puts it well out of my “yeah, I think I’ll try that” range.

My neighbor had one of these and what a colossal POS it was. it was “OK” for light fluffy show of a few inches, but anything over that and it was an awkward contraption to maneuver. Heavy wet snow? fergetaboutit!

I’ve used a steel shovel similar to the Ames 1642000 Aluminum Snow Pusher for close to 20 years. Steel is pretty heavy, but since you just push it like a snow plow it hasn’t mattered too much to me.

Its great for 1-3 inches of just about any snow from fluffy to slushy. Anything deeper than 3" and I switch to a standard “lift and throw” shovel.

The old steel one is long overdue for replacement. I haven’t been able to find this design at local stores, so I am quickly talking myself into buying.

Thanks Woot!

Hey staffers, according to Amazon reviewers, the Ames 1630400 Arctic Blast Snow Pusher, 24-Inch is a plastic shovel with no steel strip. I didn’t think there was one in the picture. Look at:

Have had one of these for 5 years…moved a lot of Vermont snow. If you have back trouble these are great, as you push down instead of lifting.

Can we put a motor on it?

Anybody try the Liquid Snow Shovel? Wonder if it’s like what they spray on roads? It would be great to have it on the drive and watch the neighbors shoveling - that’s if it works well in NE Ohio snow storms!!

Have not tried this brand in particular, but I have used others. It works as well as rock salt or CaCl, if not necessarily better. The benefit is, once it dries, you won’t have salty shoes.

I have no idea if it’s the same as what they spray on the roads, but probably.

I found it easier to use on smaller areas, as spreading it out over the whole driveway is a bit of a pain, but I might be doing it wrong.

It will keep ice and small amounts of snow melted. It will not help if you get dumped on. YMMV

I’ve had the Snow Wolf for three years and it’s a really handy tool. You can clear a large space and end up with no sore back. It doesn’t work so well with snow over, say, six inches—or if it’s particularly wet, heavy snow. That’s because you have the push the shovel through the snow until you reach a point where you can dump the snow. If you’re doing a wide driveway and the snow is deep, you end up halfway across with a completely full shovel and you’re not in a place to dump it. You can elevate the shovel and wheel it to the dumping place, but it’s far from ideal.

I have a snowblower and I use it when the snow is too deep for the Snow Wolf. I like using the Snow Wolf when I can because it’s good exercise without being a pain and, unlike with a snowblower, you scrape right down to the pavement.