There's Snow Regrets

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Wait I can’t get a snow shovel in Hawaii? That is so wrong. I was going to shovel so much snow this winter with this bad boy.

I am near Lake Erie myself and most years we get dumped on pretty bad.

I usually take a shovel to the heavy stuff, moving it to the sides, (dont have a car so just get enough of the driveway to get out of the house) so I can broom a nice level crunchy traction.

The worse thing to do is clean it to the sidewalk where whatever melts will most likely ice over at nite causing real back breaking slips and falls.

btw, if your postman is like mine and goes thru the yards - I always sweep a path for him to and from both neighbors to/from my box… Those outdoor brooms really do a great job on snow!


but maybe volcanic ash?

i am now appreciating the idea of shoveling out a volcano.

You said it. It is a pain to go up to the observatory and bring snow down in a truck with just a sand shovel.

I gave my husband the Snow Wolf (actually same shovel with a different brand name) a few years ago. We have a very long wide driveway that services that passes two homes near the street and services two homes at the top. The first year we had it, we had blizzard conditions on the east coast. I cannot believe how well the shovel worked. What would have taken at least 4 hours was done in one, with no back pain. The directions say to shovel in a chevron pattern and snow did build up a wall at the edge of the driveway, but on our next pass, as he snow kept falling, we were able to jettison the new snow over the wall with not much effort. Also, good, in some sort of Tom Sawyer twist, we found that the neighbors wanted to give the Snow Wolf a try, so we could have likely gotten the driveway done with no effort at all at least once.

We haven’t had much snow since then, but more is expected this year and we are certainly happy that we are well equipped.

I live in South Dakota where we have real winters and anything plastic will break when you are shoveling in hard wind packed snow at -10 degrees. I use an aluminum grain shovel, a good old yellow scrapper and a snow blower when it is deep.

have an easier way to deal with snow. I live in South Texas where it hardly ever snows, and when it does (like every 15-20 years) it doesn’t hang around long. lol

I figure the very best place to see snow is in a painting or framed photograph. That way nobody’s having to deal with the stuff. The next best way to see snow is in a satellite feed on TV. At least it’s a long ways away and the people dealing with it are living in places where it happens a lot. The next-to-worst place for me to see snow is on the other side of a window. That means it has snowed here. ABSOLUTE WORST place to see snow - IMHO - is the other side of the windshield of my car. That means I’m having to drive in the stuff and deal with the clueless idiots who cannot understand the sing rule for driving on snow or ice - DON’T DO ANYTHING FAST!!!

I still use my 20 year old “Snauger” that some guy invented. Ace hardware bought the rights but never promoted it well. Imagine a snow shovel with a horizontal auger that movers the snow to the right and out, so it never builds up in front of you.

Mentioned before, but with no response from woot!..


Ames 1630400 Arctic Blast Snow Pusher, 24-Inch

IS ALL PLASTIC, (see on Amazon); either the picture and title are wrong, the picture is wrong, the description is wrong, or it’s all wrong…

So there are two different spoke designs, which one is being sold here?


The Steam Punk that lives inside of me and controls me wants to buy this and add a bunch of unnecessary straps, goggles and wires.