There and Back

Without the t-shirt, it never happened ; )


Return of The Green Door.

edit: in reference to the unfortunate purging of so many Tolkien designs a while ago!

It’s all downhill after the Mountain.

Congrats on the print, Patrick!

I hear the scenery on your chosen route is breath taking… so I’ll enter if you will! :slight_smile:

Back of the shirt should read “Run, you fools!”

I have never wished more that woot carried technical shirts and not just cotton.

I was thinking the same thing!

Is it permitted to take an eagle for the second half?

I appreciate and endorse this idea. Huzzah, [strike]friend[/strike] mellon!

I wonder if this one will make it to the Catalog when all other LOTR related designs have been eliminated…

Would be better if the back said “Fly, you fools!”

Debut day sales for the $10k: 576