There Are Other Worlds Than These

Congrats cmdixon2, I think my wife will like this shirt…

Let’s see how many Stephen King fans there are on woot…

and if you dont have a wife or GF…out of luck…not for men. Cmon woot.

It’s a little too girly for me to wear, but very nice.


If this one got second, I think we know what probably got fourth!

Though my congrats is sincere. That’s just an added perk.

We should have a contest. Stephen King or Dean Koontz?

Why is that bird flying towards that flowery, flaming building?

Hmmm, the flower on top seems kinda random…

Kamikaze. Everybody knows birds are constantly depressed.

Read the Dark Tower series. Then come back tomorrow and buy the shirt.

Oh, how pretty, a castle flower!

Looks like a dragon wrapping around the tower from a far with the flower as its head.

Noblesville ey? Did the mayor force you to do the good deed? Hahaha, congrats!

What kind of flower is the seagull holding? A tulip?

Im a King fan and def prefer Beastmaster over p.o.s. Krull. The thing is though NO ONE will tie the story with the shirt. 8(

I think the fact cmdixon is (or wants to) donating his winnings, means everyone should support this shirt as much as possible.

Everyone should buy 3.

There are a number of shirts on woot that require being pre-tty manly (or pretty unconcerned with looking stupid) to pull off. But this really isn’t one of them. Any dude who doesn’t feel the need to rip beer bottles open with their teeth could wear this comfortably without anyone judging him.

Another awesome shirt, cmdixon. Someone should really pay you to design shirts and graphics full-time (if they aren’t already).

This will be my fourth shirt of yours? I think… Very nice. Congrats

cmd, you are the master of the white tee. you always make it your bitch with ease!

HAHA how about next year? Those books were monsters of paper and ink.