There Are Several Places Like Home

Lodge L8GP3 skillet was $16.99 in a plus sale on 10/11. Why did the price increase?

Because, there was only ONE for sale!

But, this one didn’t have an “!” on the bottom.

(You can probably get one just like this, at Wally World.)(Thank you Sam W.)


Nambe 5827 13" Smooth Centerpiece Bowl

It’s a miracle! This item sold out in woot! WOOT PLUS, Gifts Under $50 but magically it is available here even though it sold out there.

UMA 53836 Wood Mirror Cabinet --What color is this cabinet? Does anyone have the answer?

We’ll let you pick one:

brownish black
dark brown

Hope that helps.

It would help more if there was a way to select the color…say a drop box or something like that.