There Is No Escape

Reminds me of “The Prestige”.

Very clever! I love it!

Ah. Another Harry Escapi trick, eh?

Have no fear! ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ will ALWAYS save the day!

Is that C-water that he’s floating in?


Would that make Jakob Gruber an escape artist?

“Illusions, Michael!”

For my next trick, I will make this window dissapear!

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Why doesn’t the chain go all the way around the box?! The sides are see-through, but the chain doesn’t appear on the left side! It’s a trap!

The artist lives in a town called “Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic”? I think I’m going to move there just because of its awesome name.

cute, but still there will be the magician nightmares…

alt + F4! alt + F4! Hurry!

That’s the magician’s trick to the illusion! Unfortunately, from the angle of the tee-shirt, we have the illusion spoiled for us an see that the button never was in any danger of drowning.

So is that escape key a clone of the original? Was it trapped in that case by his maker? Where is Christian Bale when you need him???

But if there is no escape why is there one right there? Hits that button not attached to anything. =[

The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

So that’s how Houdini did it!

Off being Batman. Michael Caine is also with him, so he won’t be able to help make a better Prestige.

I wonder if that lock requires the “any key”…