ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insoles

Don’t all hot foot over at once…


Or step on a nail wearing this (note that constant flexing can have the same effect as puncturing). Caveat emptor.


These are much safer than using a pair of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s to warm your feet.

You missed the point. Any lithium ion battery when punctured/ stressed over time will short and possibly ignite. And there is also a water submersion risk. Better option is to have power source outside of shoe similar to heated socks where battery is not susceptible to flexing/ stress/ puncture.


Bought a pair last time and use them in my cycling shoes, a bit tight but oh so warm. Carbon Fiber undersole in my cycling shoe doesn’t flex so no worries there. And IF(REALLY?) they happen to get too hot, my shoes are velcro strapped. For now, my winter riding is so much more tolerable!
I think in the Samsung issue, it was contacts shorting together on the first one (removable battery) and manufacturing defect on the second one. I think we’re safe here…
Oh, and I couldn’t afford the $300 heated socks with external battery!

I have a pair of these and they work great - heating my toes exactly where I need them. Unfortunately I bought them at full price. This is a great deal!

That plug doesn’t look very comfortable

Be careful what size you order, they are smaller than they should be. Check their website for what They consider a Large…

I use these for winter cycling as well, and I love them. They keep my toes from freezing & going numb, but don’t overheat my feet (leading to sweating and cold feet from being wet). My only complaint is that they’re a bit thick, particularly at the heel. The sizing chart seems accurate - the XL size fit my size 10 shoes just fine. You can adjust the sizing somewhat by trimming excess material from the toes.

Those of you that have these, how long does a charge last? Thinking about them for ski boots on frigid days. Thanks!

I wear mine deer hunting in Wisconsin in November. You use the remote to turn them on & off as you need them. they last all day, easily. Cheers!

I wear mine deer hunting in Wisconsin in November. Using the remote to turn them on & off as you need them, they’ll last all day. This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for these, too. Hope this helps. Cheers!

I think you missed the point. It was most likely a joke.