Thermal Blackout Grommet Panel Pair

Are these shiny or matte? The material looks shiny in the picture.

Per the vendor, they are not shiny.

I’m not seeing the actual colors (only the text)

So, I have three applications for this that might make sense: One, my living room gets a little too much sunlight for my projector during the day for dark scenes… Two, my niece complains she’s never gotten a good night’s sleep since her baby brother was born and his room is not far from hers – and she has always wanted a sort of canopy bed anyway (which a few posts and some of these hanging could accomplish)… Three, at my church during the summer there is no Sunday school and the kids will sometimes draw on a table – if we set this up around the table in the corner and set up a mirror above it with whomever volunteered to supervise them (but so they could see the congregation in the congregation could see them), would it be at all likely to block out sound to make it less distracting (we could make it more of a kid’s club house tent than an isolation chamber:)

The big question is how good are these at noise isolation (and I know my niece would prefer blue but for my video projector maybe black would be better)? It’s been my experience with other black out things that they don’t necessarily quite block out all the light, but soften hard light…

If there are any reviews of this somewhere that might cover this or if the manufacturer has any thoughts on these applications I might get a bunch to try out in one situation or another…

I would assume that even the white one should block out the light completely as I have some roller blinds that are light colored but still able to block out the transmission of light through them. I just wonder how heavy and how thick the material is. No indication of that in the description.

Generic brand makes too difficult to look up a better description of the physical characteristics.
From recommendations for proper fullness, panels should measure 2-3 times the width of your window, so these are for smaller windows from 26" to 38" wide, unless you get multiple pairs for wider windows. While it would work for wider windows in a functional aspect, without the pleats it would look like you hung a blanket over your window.

The pictures are obviously photoshopped just for the color representation, so they’re not actual pictures of the curtains. If you get them and they aren’t what you expected, you could return them, but be out the shipping costs, which may be a good percentage of the price.

What is the diameter of the grommet?

I just received mine. As blackouts, they are terrible–worthless. They don’t block out anything. I hung them up and the light comes through about as much as a sheer curtain. I can’t believe they would pass them off this way. They are just thin plain curtains, not blackouts. I will try to return mine.

I don’t think it will do any of these things. We were hoping it would. What I got was a thin curtain. If “thin material” = blackout/block sound etc, then any fabric hung over a window constitutes a blackout.

That is what I assumed, but no. The white one blocks out nothing–imagine hanging a thin white cotton cloth over your window. That is how much light it blocks out. We have an actual blackout in one of our bedrooms–it is white and blocks out all light. This one does not.

They have a sheen to them, so they are not matte.

They are sorta shiny … from a distance, no, but up close, yes.

Per the vendor, 2.5".

Sorry you had to be the guinea pig, but thanks for the information, very helpful. I was considering them primarily for a blackout function.

Thank You. Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you, and that it won’t work for me. But your comments and testing were certainly very helpful:)

I wonder if thermal blackout is more an energy saving term than, say, traditional blackout curtains (and I have seen some with the latter term that work and some that do not- or only soften light). Either way, not to be for at least me for now:(…

So long as it doesn’t take anything too off track, if anyone has any thoughts on cheap sound reduction per my original comment feel free to post any leads. And as a further aside, and as a relatively newbie poster, I will point out that anytime you try to use Siri or do certain typing things in these posts on iOS it adds extra spaces and things. Oh well:)

Yes they do not black out anything. Very disappointed by woot, which usually seems quite honest about the products they sell.

I just received mine yesterday and yes they are shiny.