Thermaltake Pacific Hard Tube Kit

Thermaltake Pacific Hard Tube Kit

Nothing quite like a hard tube

What is a hard tube, and why would you want to bend it?

If you are really asking, some hardcore water-cooling people use hard plastic tubing for their PC’s.

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I just want the cutter. it’d be great for cakes.

A pipe cutter?

Here ya go -

Drug paraphernalia would be my guess.

I just bought EKWB pipe bending parts and this is a great deal

… its for comptuer water cooling

Yeah, yeah…water bongs are soooo cool… We get it, hippie. :wink:

So why not just use something like a semi-hard tube so you can bend it without needing to buy a kit with which to bend it?

Some folks make things so much more complicated than necessary.

Aesthetics. With hard-line cooling, it can be made to look a lot better than hoses. It won’t perform any better, though.

(I’d take a good air cooler over any water cooling setup anyway. My needs are nowhere near extensive enough to require a CPU that’ll need this level of cooling.)

These days if you’re not on LN2 there’s really no point in having a computer.

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