Thermaltake View 380 Liquid-Cooled PC

Thermaltake View 380 Liquid-Cooled PC

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Woot working hard on that :clown_face: status eh?



If we are using Amazon scalping prices for examples let’s go full tilt.

Or the pricing metrics on this item on Amazon:


What would you like it priced at?


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Great question, how about at least $0.01 under MSRP? Or if you really want to impress people maybe competitively compare to the price of the same CPU/GPU specs from Skytech@BestBuy? I guess this is what $600-$1500 in fans/RGB looks like. Also BestBuy tends not to break the computers they ship… Woot’s track record on that is questionable at best.

Ryzen 9 3900X/3080:



Skytech should not be used as a comparison for this. The reason the price of that is lower is because it’s using a lot of garbage parts. Yes you get a good cpu and gpu but your mobo, ram, psu, fans, and case will all be hot garbage that barely works.

From the Skytech site, the board looks like an AsRock x570 Phantom Gaming 4 WiFi ax, the PSU is an ApexGaming AG-750M, and the case is specifically called out as a Thermaltake S300.

The Thermaltake here appears to use a Gigabyte x570 Aurous Elite and it’s specifically called out for a Thermaltake 850w GF1 PSU and a Thermaltake View 51 case.

Given that there’s only three manufacturers making the DDR4 DRAM chips themselves – Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix – I wouldn’t place much of any emphasis on quality beyond its speed rating and latency. Likewise with the AIO cooler – the majority are actually an Asetek, since they hold a lot of the patents.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)


Motherboard: $210
CPU: $350
Case w/fans: $125
AIO cooler: $150
NVME: $140
Windows: $110
GPU: $1500 from the shuffle.

$2800 or thereabouts based on some guessing (I do have a Microcenter nearby so I am probably low on some).

So that means we are paying about $500 for the pre-build penalty and the GPU obtainment fee. That seems about right actually. If you don’t get lucky and just find someone to buy a 3080 from, you will pay over well over $1500 for it.

I don’t agree with all of this and I don’t think many people would buy these on our favorite discount site, but it isn’t robbery. If the GPU was water cooled and it was a custom loop with hard tubing, this would be a great price point.

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The price of $2899 wasn’t the price at the time of these comments. Woot ninjaed the price at a later time and didn’t bother to say so here. The price was $3199.99 at the time of the comments, this is $200 less now.

Not too far off, really. The case used here is a dual chamber design, so it is more expensive; about $230.

Spec for spec, I have a DIY like-for-like coming in at $2903.72.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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what in the heck is going on here it is a pc not a rocket ship. shoot air cooling seemed to do fine,and who’s idea was it to cool a unit with a liquid…fyi turbo…its electronics…they.don’t likey water… and pay 3k for it…woot has some real geniuses for customers…
although i would buy it for 90% off just for the pretty colors…my name is kevin

This is targeted to the PC gaming market, so RGB, unique case designs, RGB, overclockable components, RGB, … and more RGB is expected. This is not a PC in which the only intention is to do emails and basic office tasks.


What? No RGB? You left it out.

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ssshhhhhh… They will raise the price.

After some NEW maths I found, it should actually be closer to $1525 (let’s see if that works).

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Maybe that’s a price without a GPU. Some folks are still going that route – buy a pre-built for the GPU and resell the remainder off. It doesn’t always make sense, but at least a scalper didn’t win.

This showed up on clearance but doesn’t seem to be clearance level pricing. 9 percent just seems like standard woot pricing.

Liquid cooling is great and near silent. It’s wonderful. Moving away from air cooling and spinning disks is as eerie as hearing an electric car go by you for the first time. You question your hearing in those moments when you are used to so much noise.

The AIOs of today are nowhere near as faulty as the DIY hard tube systems of yesteryear. No water hazards so far and it’s always on full-send at high settings/240hz. It’s on about 10 hours a day as I work/play on it. The pump on my pets’ water fountain is louder than my PC.

For those who aren’t aware, Newegg has had a “shuffle” every weekday for the last year and change. You get to “win” the chance of paying full MSRP for graphics cards and PS5s. The shortage and scalping situations are obscene. After trying that for 6 months to no avail, I bought a prebuilt just for the 3070. May the odds be in your favor, friends.

Anyone know if the video card is LHR?

I would assume that yes, it will be an LHR card, but there’s no guarantee one way or the other. When you buy this PC, unless they name a specific brand in the product description Thermaltake will use whatever brand is “available” at the time of assembly. DO NOT go by what’s pictured, you will most likely be at least partially disappointed. Things that are not guaranteed to be a specific brand: graphics card, power supply, NVME drive and motherboard. The components will match what’s in the product description in specifications only. Thermaltake does state that the power supply will be 80 Plus Gold certified, but they shy away from guaranteeing how powerful it is. I would hope it’s an 850w minimum.