Thermaltake View 380 Liquid-Cooled PC

vastly over priced.


Good to know I’m not the only one bitter about inflation. Back when I was your age…….

I don’t understand your comment, do you care to explain? I’m not sure what inflation has to do with equally or greater spec’ed builds selling for noticeably less (at the same time) from far more reputable shippers.

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I had to walk backwards in moccasins in THREE feet of snow; BEFORE, global warming mind you, 7 miles to the nearest compUSA to get a new floppy drive that only cost 279.99. Man, those were the days. Now let’s compare a Ford Fiesta and an E class just for fun.

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This is a $1500-1700 desktop. I wasn’t aware that an extra $1000 was meant to fill Jeff Besos pocket for his new secret lover.

If you can get the parts for the price, let us know. The going rate for the GPU is itself is currently $1400+.

You mean the scalper price for a gpu? I did. If you’re lucky which isn’t really hard now that GPU prices are dropping you can check on BestBuy usually on Mondays and Fridays they usually do GPU drops for MSRP prices. Picked up a $3080 for $900

Even at $900, that wouldn’t account for the rest of a 5800x build for the remainder of your estimate. $600-800 is not going to cover the CPU with x570 board, 360 AIO cooler, 1TB gen 4 NVMe, a legitimate Windows license, an 850w PSU that’s not of explosive grade, and in a dual chamber case with some prerequisite RGB.