Thermapak Laptop Heatshift Pad and Bag

1 Thermapak Laptop Heatshift Pad and Bag

$19.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

Size/Color: 15.4 inch Black, 15.4 inch Navy, 15.4 inch Orange, 15.4 inch Red, 17 inch Black, 17 inch Blue

pricing for future reference

Anyone used/have one of these?

Do these work as good as the usb fan things?

I always have trouble finding whether a laptop case is a good fit for a particular laptop.

Anyway, I just acquired a Lenovo ThinkPad t61. Anyone used one of these cases with the t61? If so, how cozy is the fit?

YAY… my comment got deleted along with the one with the awful link. I’m not even sure how that heat pad would dissipate heat… but at least it doesn’t make noise.

I think they’re already gone.
I was going to complain to but the comment was removed really fast.
Thanks Woot!

I could use a new bag/cooling device for my laptop.

$50 or $55 (17 inch) on

$37.72 at

Only one review, but not much info.

Still looking…

Just bought one here. Hope it fits my Toshiba T2380… 15.4"

These are cool. A few years ago, I saw them at the LA Computer Fair.

That’s the price range I found for the 15inch one on Froogle

I found this link… it’s not exactly the same, but I think it’s based on the same technology. I think I’m in for one or two:

Looks like I missed the Drama, but I did score one of these. It is a $50 value elsewhere, decent brand. I really need a cooler and for the price of a cheap sleeve I get the chance that it will be good, and a good sleeve! Once again, Thanks to the Woot god for the kind and generous blessings…

How long do these last? I noticed they’re made out of some kind of chemical that draws away heat. Also, wouldn’t the the heatshift pad promote heat on laptops with the intake fan on the bottom by blocking it off?

I hope I can fit my Qosmio in there, its huge.

I bought a similar product

and I liked it.

Theres wierd salt-like product inside that turns to liquid when it gets hot. If nothing else it’s a great place to lay a laptop down when servicing it to not get it scratched.


Use and compare the sizing of your t61 to the sizing of your laptop. Sfbags also has other manufacturer specs. I’m getting one for my t60 and it should be a pretty snug fit.

$36.99 at

No reviews, though!

No. The fans are technically better, but can be more noisy and more inconvenient. This sorta removes a little heat for “free” (no additional noise or power consumption).

It also protects your legs from direct heat. Basically it makes the heat more even under your laptop, instead of the usual hot spots

Here’s a review of a similar product: