Thermee Micro Flannel Heated Foot Warmer

Thermee Micro Flannel Heated Foot Warmer

What size feet will fit in this thing? Hubby wears size 13.

It should fit a size 13. Here are the dimensions: 13" L x 11" W x 5" H. A size 13 is generally 11.6" L.

Reviews are sketchy, at best. Evidently only heats from the bottom, and doesn’t get very warm, according to reviewers on Amazon, Overstock and Wally World. Dang! I really wanted this to work!

49.99 on Amazon, so $10 discount over Amazon retail price.

Purchased without reading reviews, regret it heavily.

I had another one that you plugged in and it like heated a bag full of gel that you then tucked into the foot warmer, that one was killer.

This one? I wore it for an hour and had to keep checking to make sure it was on, it barely heats enough to even notice its heating at all.


Sadly just a subpar product at a premium price. You’d be better off buying a heat pad and just wearing socks on it.

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This is more of a feet warmer as it appears you put both your left and right foot in at the same time.