Thermee Micro Flannel Heated Foot Warmer

Thermee Micro Flannel Heated Foot Warmer

I’m going to take the gamble that these arrive before Christmas. :no_good_man::crossed_fingers:

even if they don’t, it will still be cold for months to come. :crazy_face:

How do I get to the $1 item deal?

That’s not until midnight CT. Details can be found in the link below.

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I am not too sure why a foot warmer needs a pocket for keys etc.


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You could probably warm up a snack in there.

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M&Ms. Melt in your mouth, not in your footwarmer.


I was thinking a hot pocket, but it might take a while.


True it’s usually much colder around here after the holidays but it’s still Christmas shopping time until the 23rd :blush:

If hot pocket wasn’t already used as something to eat these could easily be called “hot foot pockets”

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In for two to keep my wife and daughters icy feet from stealing the heat from my tree trunk thighs for warmth.

My body, my choice, keep those cold @ss feet away from my roaring thighs of heat


Why can’t I choose the aquamarine ones. It’s not even listed as an option.

Absolutely and when they do all you have to do is reach in the handy dandy pocket on your warmers and call 7-11 delivery for more. Ain’t pockets grand