ThermoHawk 200 Touchless Infrared Thermometer



ThermoHawk 200 Touchless Infrared Thermometer
$17.99+ $5 shipping

1 ThermoHawk 200 Infrared Thermometer


Anybody know if this one is accurate at all?


Is this thing really worth $18?


Now I can see how hot the sun is!!!


All I know is that its cold up here in Ohio.




is this mac compatible
can i use it to see how hot i really am?


Hmmm… I have three kids. Would it work on them if they had a fever?


Only 230F? What use is that?




Over what distance can it measure the temp ?

Doesn’t say in the specs.


how accurate are these?


i got one, it works great for surface temperatures. i wish they had the next model up that reads higher temperatures, but then you would need a AAA battery. This one is ready to go right out of the box.

For those who asked about distance, this unit has a distance to spot ratio of 1:1. This means that he distance from the tip of the thermometer can be held from the diameter of the spot to be measured. i.e., a spot with a 1 inch diameter means ou need to be 1 inch away, a 20 inch diamter allows you to be 20 inches away.


does this work for internal human body temperature


I bought one of these last time and have been very happy with it. Very nice in the winter to get a reading on cold walls so I can tell where I’m losing heat and such.


Meh. a 5 degree range of inaccuracy (+/- 2.5) is a little much for me. Thanks anyway, w00t.



* Test From -27 to 230° F
* Accurate to +/- 2.5°


Huh? No laser…?


Can I use this on my kid’s forehead?

EDIT: Wow, can’t believe someone beat me to that one.