ThermoHawk 400 IR Thermometer



ThermoHawk 400 IR Thermometer

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pricing for future reference


I actually need one of these for my shirt press! thanks wooott <3 happy fools day

Edit: i just realized the range isn’t near what i wanted … oh well totally gonna use it as a pick up line! “you’re hotttt” “see”…


Anybody have one?

Do they work well, or not on certain objects?


Anyone have experience with this item? Thanks.


$39.99 at ThinkGeek


How accurate is this?


I bought one for the science!


Operating range makes me wonder. If you’re up north trying to use this in the winter, outside, you’re going to have to warm it in your hands long enough for it to get above freezing. You do that, there’s a good chance you will contaminate the reading it gives.


Awesome point. I was thinking the same. MN is below 32 most of the time anyway.


This is shaped like a keychain laser pointer I stopped using. Carrying the pointer on my keyring in my pocket kept pushing the button and killing the battery. Does the button lock, to prevent accidental activation while in my pocket? I don’t need to measure my butt temperature constantly all day.

Also, if I toss it into a drawer with random stuff, the stuff can weigh on the button and keep it pressed, also killing the battery. Button cells are expensive to replace.


“Note: not designed for testing internal body temperature”

This is a pretty great woot! In for one!


is’t bueno. i use before


I was thinking, “Pew! Pew!” before I even read the description.


Easy to tell the difference – taste.


To bad the acuracy is not very good. You get what you pay for. Probably just fine for A/C or automotive work. Smiles all around tonite… Hi Joel


Your hand heat should not contaminate it, because it is not measing the actual heat, it is measuring the infrared light that is coming off an object to calculate the temperature of that object, so your hands should not matter.




I bought one like this form a woot a while ago. I think it might be the same one. works great.


+/- 2.5% doesn’t sound too bad.

End-page of review here.

"The Thermohawk line of infrared thermometers would be a handy gadget for anyone wanting to have some fun or to use in a practical environment. As said earlier, the uses for this small compact product are endless and you will even have some fun while finding out the temperature of the many objects in your environment. In my mind, the price tag for these small thermometers is a steal for what they do.

For the computer enthusiast, this product should be a mandatory tool in your overclocking kit right along side your heatsink lapping kit and your tube of thermal compound. No longer will you have to guess what the temperature of your onboard components are. In a fraction of a second you will know down to a tenth of a degree.

As for any drawbacks I can note. For one, the button needs some sort of protection from being pressed while in your pocket or a bag. Also noted as a good change would be the keychain portion to be mounted on a swivel so the battery end will not come off while on your key chain. This will save the unit from being lost or damaged. If these two problems are addressed, I will have no problem giving this product a Top Rank rating, but as the product stands with this initial offering, it is a Great Product.


  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Easy to Use
  • Accurate
  • Compact
  • Fun to play with


  • Availability
  • Button needs to be recessed and covered
  • Keychain portion needs to be mounted to a swivel."