Thermor Bios Jumbo Wireless Thermo-Clock


WOOT RULE #1: If something on Woot is really worth having, it will be in very limited supply and will fly out the door before your computer can even load the new item’s page.

WOOT RULE #2: If something on Woot is crappy and holds no interest for you, it will be in abundant supply and won’t get the heck off the site as you waste valuable minutes of your life hoping for something better.

IN SUMMATION: There may be good stuff to be had on Woot, BUT YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!! So quit wasting your life. Go back to work and keep your job!

It’s wireless, but I see wires…


How many did they have? ONE?

I’m sure it will show up on in a week or so. Seems like everything else Woot offers does.

Oklahoma loves clocks!!!

Am I just reading the charts wrong…or does it say there was only 1 of these clocks?? What gives???

I clicked buy it now after 2 seconds of it being up. And it said sold out! waaaa

There are apparently no media outlets to tell the kind folks in Oklahoma what the temperature is. Who cares? Everyone knows Oklahoma sucks and Kansas blows!

Did anyone have a problem with this one not showing a reasonable outdoor sensor temp? Mine (from the last woot) shows 95.9 all the time even when it is next to the display unit which is at 70ish.


Actually I was close. They had TWO

But to go to all that effort to only sell TWO of the item!

man I didnt even have enough time to thnk about where I’d set this up in the house!

No, TWO.


Same here 2 seconds

Has any gotten one of these and had the snowflake show up on the screen? Mine took 2 days to synchronize with the wwvb and still at 17* outside with snow on the ground, no snowflake on the screen. But you can see where it should be by tilting the screen away from direct view.