Thermor Home Weather Station

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Thermor Home Weather Station
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Thermor Bios Home Weather Station

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I just saved you $55

I perfer the weather channel. It probably gives a more accurate reading.

What’s the difference between the Monitor and the TV/PC Interface?

I guess this is good if you don’t have a window, or don’t have a television, or a computer, or eyes.

So if you fit into that demographic, buy 3 of these.

this looks like something I would buy but never use

that’s up for debate with the way weather people are around here.

I think my dad would love one of these.

How durable is this thing (i.e. in rough weather)?

Actually, scratch that. If the weather is bad enough that this thing is going to get destroyed I’d better be smart enough to have already left or die of stupidity.

is this compatible with my weather rock

Sounds great, but it is missing some vital parts that the Weather lady on channel 9 has.

Weather channel would give a more average reading over the area. In cases like wondering if it’s cool enough to open the windows to save money on AC, it’s very useful to have around. (However, a slightly less functional model than this might be better.)

That’s pretty awesome that you can tell temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure by looking out your window.

sweet. ill slap this on my car and go get a tv show from the discovery channel

It looks like the monitor is a stand-alone unit, while the one with the PC/TV interface displays the information on your computer or television.

If you have a TV or Computer that’s always on anyway that might be the way to go, but I’d personally like the one that displays on a dedicated unit.

One of them hooks up to your TV or PC, and the other has a physical display, like a big clock, that gives you all that data.

So the Monitor one is more like a traditional weather station, while the TV/PC one does the same weather tracking, but uses your computer or TV to display the data.


I’m a man of many talents.

How viable is this for on the road travel? Like if I want to go on a road trip and require weather readings every 5 minutes and don’t have internet?