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Thermor TV Home Weather Station [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Thermor IN951 TV Home Weather Station with Wind, Temperature and Rain Sensors

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WARNING: does not sync with ipod

what the …

You can’t actually control the weather with this. I learned the hard way.

what the …

It worked for me! It made the snow not come in summer.

despite the fact that looking out the window has served me really well in the past, this actually looks kinda cool

Too bad, I was kinda hoping.

hahahha… who actually needs this??

Somebody who likes tracking weaher possibly?!? You’re probably such a young whipper snapper that you would know what the Heathkit Weather Station was. They sold tons of them… so people do have varied interests.

Yeah yeah… we know… its all about you though.

Jeez, Us old folks have to be quick to get one of these. on 7 offered. How about a few more, Woot!