Thermor Wireless Rain Gauge with Thermometer

Oh when will there be a BOC… Its so sad after each sellout to not see it. tomorrow maybe?

The only problem with this is some people don’t review it very well on accuracy. But it’s a great price!

is this water-proof???

Nice Item, is it accurate

Manufacturer Website

This is really good for measuring how my rain my lawn gets!

I need about 2.66cm of water as evenly distributed every 4 days. Now if it only rains 1.2cm in this 4 day period, I know I need to set the sprinklers to run for about 14.3 minutes to get the ideal amount of water for my lawn.

In for 6!

Now if I could only figure out how to take away water if it rains too much…

Has anyone here received their Rain Gauge yet? I did and have a warning related to the rain collection/measuring unit:

Under the white case is a battery box, cover held in place with four phillips-head screws. The cover must be removed to install the pair of AA penlight cells and activate a switch used in the radio ID recognition.

My rain gauge’s battery cover wouldn’t come off the battery compartment. All four screws were totally loosened and the cover stayed firmly in-place.

There’s nothing with which to securely grasp the cover or any protruding piece reachable to pry against. The ‘skirt’ (mounting base) of the gauge is surrounding the battery compartment and making access to the cover difficult, so removing it is almost mandatory. Only two screws secure the base and it makes perfect sense to get it out of the way.

Now you can see a slight gap around the edge of the battery cover and if needed, carefully wedge the tip of a flat-bladed screwdriver into the gap and gently pry (not twist) the cover away from the case.

There’s a white, vinyl seal made to waterproof the battery compartment but the smart folks at Thermador chose CA (cyano-acrylate, Super Glue, Crazy Glue) glue to hold the seal in its groove. All well and good but the glue was also holding the edge of the cover into the groove.

It’s apart and looks fine but I haven’t done any of the unit’s testing at this time. So be careful.

Hey, thanks for posting this. I had the same problem and followed your directions. Hope the seal will still be functional on mine, it partially came out of the channel when I pulled the cover off and I pushed it back in place… fingers crossed!

Anyone have a copy of the setup instructions for this thing? I had to change the batteries recently, and now I can’t get the transmitter and received to talk to each other. I remember when I first set it up that is has a very specific order of actions that need to happen, and I’m lost without the instructions (which I’ve sadly lost).

Thanks in advance for a scanned copy, or a link to a copy online somewhere.