Thermos Altitude 24 Can Collapsible Cooler

Does it sweat in your car and leave a mildewing mess?

Is that Dortmunder Gold I see?!

wonder what that brew is… makes me sort of want to crack one open- but then i’ll end up buying 3.

I wish I could have those delicious drinks.

I’m lazy.

Can someone convert the temperature ratings to Fahrenheit?

How heavy is this thing going to get with the max number of cans in it + ice?

I love that the beer in the cooler is Great Lakes Brewing Co. mmmmmmmmmm

You nailed it on the head.

Actually. They had a similar item at Meijer. We quickly returned it after finding that all kinds of things can get into that “easy access opening”. It’s a great concept, but I foresaw issues with it.

Since I am drinking one right now, I can tell you that is in fact a Dortmunder, or at least another fine beer from the Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland.

22C = 72F
10C = 50F

Can I use these Altitude coolers at sea level?

12 oz X 24 cans = 18 lbs + ice + bag weight… somewhere around 20-25 lbs.

If you can carry a case, you should be fine. If you can’t, put less than 24 cans inside.

OOOO i think I’m going to have to get one of these for vital organ transport. It keeps ‘em fresh and livin’.

Thats a no from me then… who wants a 50 F beer?

Anyone have one of these? I figure these would be good for hotel rooms that don’t have fridges. For drinking booze.


What in the heck is Meijer?? Just kidding. I live in Ohio. But for the rest of you, Meijer is a super center in the Midwest that has more and better stuff than a super Walmart, but it is neat and clean like Target.

It says “at or below for 18 hours”. So the hottest it would get in 18 hours would be 50F. With a ton of freshly added ice it’s going to be in the 35F range for at least 2 to 3 hours.